How to give your home a rustic twist this summer decor ideas

by Charlotte Smith

 Home Decor with a rustic twist

The rustic way of living holds a lot of appeal for many people. From the warmth of a wood-burning fire in the middle of winter to the comfort of a farmhouse-style kitchen, it’s an idyllic thought to consider. However, few people ever actually make the move out into the countryside to experience the best that real rural living has to offer – not least because it means living somewhere remote and away from the hustle and bustle.

rustic twist

If you’re an urban guy or a city girl, though, don’t despair: you can still create a rural, farmhouse atmosphere even in a small flat or a suburban house without too much trouble. Here are some top tips on how to transform your urban space into something a little more traditional and rustic.


The kitchen is one of the most obvious places to start as it’s the room that’s often the most bustling in a real rustic farmhouse. Communal eating and living is common for rural families, and this means that the kitchen table is a real focal point. Consider investing in a light wood dining table, which will form the kitchen’s centrepiece.

rustic twist

Ideally, the bigger the dining table, the more authentic it will be – but those who live in a smaller property such as an apartment can still use this to create a rustic feel. Those who live in a larger property (in suburbia, perhaps) could look into purchasing an AGA cooker or another fuel-based, free-standing range stove for a truly rural throwback.

It’s not just substantial kitchen furniture or appliances that can be given a rural touch, either. Small kitchen knick-knacks and other furnishings are great ways to create an old-fashioned feel – hanging a frameless chalkboard with a vintage look on the wall to compile your shopping or to-do list is one way to go back to basics, while you can also create a country feel with soft furnishings made out of patterns such as checked cloth and gingham for your tablecloths and napkins.


rustic bathroom

There’s no one obvious way to design a rustic-inspired bathroom, but there are some starting points to consider. A claw-footed standalone bath creates a sense of history and also gives your bathroom an unusual talking point. It’s also a good idea to think about dark woods, such as mahogany, for panels and toilet seats. Understated colours, such as pewter and silver, don’t evoke a vintage feel and are too modern for a property that is aiming to look rustic.

For those who are feeling very adventurous, it’s possible to recreate the most original rustic bathrooms in any sort of home. By using untreated wood, rust-effect brass taps and exposed stonework, you can create a truly rural bathroom inspired by outbuildings and huts. Be warned, however: while the resultant bathroom may well be the natural, rural-esque room of your dreams, it may also be a complex one to install and maintain, and the potential for rot and other problems to appear in the wood is high.

Living room

Your living spaces are also ideal candidates for a countryside home makeover. If you want the rustic look without getting stuck into a full-on design overhaul project, then it’s possible to pick up recently manufactured furniture made from an old-style material such at oak at the majority of furniture stores – though it’s still often obvious that these sorts of items are merely rustic-effect rather than the real deal.

Those who are looking to create their rustic home on a budget or who want to go really authentic, meanwhile, can look to online furniture giveaway sites and low-cost second-hand stores for their rural design project. If you can get hold of an old cabinet or dresser, for example, it can then be painted in a colour that matches the rest of your room to give it an individualistic twist without compromising on the aim of an old-fashioned look.

Giving your home a makeover is a big job at the best of times, but those who want to go as rural as possible with their design choices are setting themselves an extra challenge. Luckily, it’s more than possible to do if you think carefully and shop around for your new furniture. Whether you decide to tear out your bathroom and replace it with materials from the forest or you simply decide to tactically replace certain furnishings to create a more subtle rural look, anyone can craft the rustic home of their dreams.

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