Girl’s Cheat Night: Franco Manca Brixton

“Franco is Missing “

Franco Manca originated in South London in 1983.  Franco opened up his business called Pizzeria, Coffee, and bar Franco’s (that was in Brixton). Then sold his business and was never to be heard of. Customers came in the following days asking “where’s Franco”? Franco’s missing. Which the next owner took a big inspiration to change the name to Franco Manca. Fast forward over 25 years, is one of the best pizza spots in London. With their original sourdough pizza, and Manca’s flavours perfect for a savoury dinner. I personally love Franco Manca pizza, it reminds me so much of my times in Italy. It’s one of the best and even cold its still good.

I and Charlotte went out for a girl’s cheat night at Franco Manca. We started with Manca’s fresh Olives. Grown and imported from Sicily, Italy. These are even the olives that they make in their delicious olive oil. The olives were fresh, delicious and not too salty.  Olives to drool for.

At the start of my drinks, I got a “No Logo Lager” that Franco Manca’s brews theirself. A really light lager but also very refreshing and tasty.

Then our second starter was Burrata. Burrata literally melts in your mouth. It had fresh cherry tomatoes (also imported from Italy), and sourdough bread that is freshly made with garlic. Just the perfect combination as a starter.

We proceeded to try their new addition to salads. Charlotte is vegetarian so we both agreed to try a vegetarian salad. The one veggie salad they had was a butterhead lettuce, with mixed leaves, alfalfa sprouts, yummy soft butternut squash, dry San Marzano tomatoes, walnuts, artichokes, goat curd, and top-secret Franco dressing. Just this salad alone had my mouth watering. Probably one of the tastiest, filling salads. Especially for a vegetarian. Charlotte definitely approves and recommends this salad for the vegetarians!

I also got the top scoop of Franco’s dressing. I really wanted to know because it was the non-typical salad dressing.

Franco’s Dressing consists of:

  • Mustard, Vinaigrette
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt,
  • Pepper
  • Parsley
  • Onion,
  • Basil
  • Olive oil
  • Sugar.

Deff worth a try if you want to add a new dressing!

And somehow we ended up with a Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella. I really don’t know how we weren’t full by this other appetizer. But the way it was looking and smelling made me want to eat even more! I wasn’t even hungry, it was just looking very appetizing. The smoked buffalo mozzarella is something definitely worth trying. I highly recommend if you love the smoky-ish flavor (obviously like the title). IT came in a bed of wild rocket, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and freshly baked bread with olive oil.

And then finally after eating all of this came the pizzas!

I got margarita filled with ham and ricotta.

I stared at this pizza like it was the gods of heavens. (No but really). Coming from New York. I’m a huge fan of stone baked pizza. And Franco Manca’s is top notch. Also, I really love that they make new menu’s every month. They have different combinations, that has me coming back.  I also love that they have chilli oil, garlic oil, oregano on call! My pizza was just bursting with oregano, ricotta, and mozzarella, and the ham was such a perfect balance with the crust and a shit ton of chilli oil.

Charlotte got a tasty white pizza with spinach and butternut squash. One of the best options for vegetarians. It’s a white based pizza. “The pizza was delicious and perfect for this cold March night cheat night out.  I try to not eat dairy but, pizza is my weakness sometimes.   Vegan cheese does not taste right on pizza. So one of my cheat night favourites is pizza.”

But guess what? We didn’t stop there. Not only did we eat our pizzas. But we also decided to order coffee and a tiramisu.

The coffee, wow I must say. It’s super authentic. It’s as strong as the Colombian coffee my mum used to buy in NY. It’s coffee beans legitimately from Italy. Fun Fact: Gianni Frasi is one of the last torrefaction in the world to roast his beans directly with an open flame.  How cool is that? Franco Manca has such authenticity. Now on to the Tiramisu. It was layered as all tiramisu should be. After all our appetizers and pizza it was actually super light and creamy. It wasn’t too sweet or bitter. It was such a great delight to finish with this.

Charlotte & Franco Manca Brixton Team

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