GIRLI : No players anthem “Play it cool” music video released

by Shawna Montout

                 GIRLI’s new single’s Video

GIRLI recently released the music video of her single « Play it cool ». An anthem for the girls who are tired of men playing with their feelings. Instead of singing a sad song, she is putting energy to it, which will make you want to riot. 

GIRLI, a London based pop star introduces us to her world with a fun, energetic and colorful music video. We see her in a room, with her supposed boyfriend going crazy trying to make him pay attention to her. Girls, women and even some men can relate to the song. We‘ve all had bad experiences. The artist with the pink hair has been around for almost three years and has never disappointed us. With the song and this video she is proving to us that she has her place in the pop scene. At the end of the music video she leaves the room confident letting the relationship in the past. She is also surprising us with a sneak peak. What is she preparing ? Is it an other single, an album ?  One thing we know for sure is that in April she is going to tour across the UK.


Milly Toomey, 21, better known as GIRLI is an artist with a unique style and her own vibe, most of the time she wears pink and even have it in her hair. If you ever wondered why, here is the answer. We could think that she is going through a phase of « I do what I want »  or even that the color of her hair is just to draw attention. But it is more than that. Pink is a color often seen as weak and affiliated with girls, by wearing all pink from hair to toe she wants to show people that in reality it is powerful, «  They think it means weak and sissy and I’m a pussy, but it doesn’t. To me, it means strong. » She like to shock people by making music with a socio-political message and wearing a color that says the opposite.

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