Gifts For All Men In Your Life

Gifts For All Men In Your Life

by Veronica Vaduva

Whether it’s your father, boyfriend, best friend, brother, we always wonder what to get them for Christmas.  So what are the hottest products of the holiday season? Something that can be given to anyone and make a good impression.  Here are my top 10 suggestions on what to get any man in your life.  Don’t like these suggestions? Remember to personalize the presents based on your relationship with any of these people.  There is no “bad” present when you have good intentions.

1- Yeezy Season 2: Taupe Crepe Boots

These boots are one of the most talked about shoes Kanye West debuted at his Season 2 fashion show.  They are the perfect mix between sneakers and boots.  The shoes are available in both black and taupe, but we think the taupe would be the perfect gift.  This is a great idea for any man that has a street sense of style.  If they love hip hop music or Kanye West they will appreciate this gift even more.

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2- Double C Logo Cufflinks

This present is perfect if you are looking to splurge a little this Christmas.  These could be a perfect gift for a father, grandfather, boyfriend, anyone really.  If they like dressing up, or even just for a special occasion.  These Cartier Malachite gorgeous cufflinks will be sure to put a smile on any mans face.

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3- Nike Huarache

This is a great gift for any sneaker head, whether it’s a boyfriend or brother.  Even anyone that loves working out the new Nike shoes.

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4- Derek Rose Silk Boxers

This is a good gift for more of a boyfriend or husband, but than again it can really go for anyone.  The luxurious silk boxers will be sure to keep any man happy and comfy.

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5- The Last Guardian Video Game

This can really be any video game, but this is one of the newest and hottest games out now.  This goes perfectly for any teenagers or family-friends that you want to impress.



6- ASOS Leather Backpack 

This leather backpack is perfect for any working man or even school student.  Keeping it trendy yet still sophisticated, it is a great idea for any man.

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7- Merino Wool Sweater

A wool sweater is a great idea for any man.  Especially when it gets very cold outside and you want them to look both stylish, but without sacrificing the warmth. With different colours, this sweater really is the perfect gift for any man in your life.

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8- Holiday Knitted Shorts 

These shorts are so adorable, and the knitted fabric will be sure to keep anyone and every very warm and cozy.

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9- Rolex Cellini Watch

This is the ultimate splurge if you want to really spoil a man this Holiday Season.  A rolex really is the perfect timeless piece that they will use forever.

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10- Calvin Klein Robe

Another timeless piece that you can give to anyone for the perfect comfy robe.  Whether they’re fresh out of the shower, or just getting ready in the morning, they will be sure to love this cozy gift.

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