Gift guide for Your partner

by Veronica Vaduva

The smell of pine trees and hot chocolate in the air is the best part of the holiday season.  What’s not so great? The stress of what to buy your girlfriend/boyfriend.  So I have created a list of 15 items for what to get your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Let’s face it.. we don’t want you to be single and have to cuddle yourself by the fire on New Years.  Although these are some of our suggestions (for all price ranges), make sure to make your gift personalized to your relationship.


Gifts for your Girlfriend:

1- Cosabella Empire Set

Cosabella is definitely our go-to lingerie brand.  The quality of the products are absolutely amazing, and will be sure to outlast any other brand of underwear.  Not only is the material beyond soft, but the lace is amazingly comfortable.  The different sets and underwear they have will meet your girlfriend’s taste for sure.  We recommend the Empire Set, which although it comes in different panty and bra options we have decided that Front Closure Push Up and Empire G-String would be the ultimate gift.

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2- Gucci Princeton Slipper

The Gucci Slippers are for sure probably the most requested Christmas present this season.  Although it is more of a high end item, I’m certain your girlfriend will love them.  The most comfortable, year-round gift that will have her appreciating you more than ever.

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3- Hourglass Highlight Kit

If your girlfriend loves make up, and you love her being your “glazed donut” than this is the perfect gift. With the dewy make up look being so in, she’ll definitely love this gift.

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4- Tiffany Key Bangle

Another higher-end product, the Tiffany Key Bangle is a great idea if you want to buy a timeless piece of jewelry.  The piece comes in 3 different colours, but we love the 18k Rose Gold to ensure you have the key to her heart.

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5- Monarch Leather Wrap Choker

If your girlfriend likes fun jewelry and loves chokers, than this is the perfect mix of classy yet sophisticated.  The leather band wraps around and than has an accent embellished choker.

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Gifts for your Boyfriend:

1- Enrico Bomber

This bomber is a great idea if your boyfriend is trendy, but you still want to get him a timeless piece he can wear all year.

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2- OVO PomPom Long sleeve

If your boyfriend loves Drake, or any hype beast type of streetwear, than this is a perfect option for you. It will be sure to keep him warm and looking stylish.

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3- Dolce & Gabbana Suede Slip on Shoes

These are a great idea if you boyfriend like street, yet sophisticated style.  He will absolutely love these slip on suede shoes and will be sure to rock them all year round.

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4- David Yurman Chain

Whoever says that jewelry is just for one to give to their girlfriend.. they are wrong.  A classic chain like this one is the perfect present.  bfgfb4 bfgfb4a


5- Gucci Chevron Wallet 

This Gucci wallet is a great option if you really want to spoil your boyfriend this holiday.  He’ll be sure to use it everyday and love the cool design paired with the classic Gucci logo.

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Gifts For Your Boyfriend & Girlfriend:

1- Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter

This is a great idea to get your boyfriend OR girlfriend.  You can take cute pictures together and print them out instantly, just connect to your phone.

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2- 3D Printer

This is definitely a bit of a splurge, but a super cool present idea that you guys can share.  This super cool 3D Printer will be sure to give you something cool to do together… besides Netflix and chill.



3- Buttons earphones

You have probably seen these new earphones all over social media with stars like Kendal Jenner endorsing and Will.I.Am being the creator.  These are a super cool and trendy gift that you can ensure he/she will use.

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4- Unisex Onesie

This onesie works for both your boyfriend or girlfriend.  With the different colours, you can be sure that your significant other will be nice and cozy.

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5- Shower-Head Speaker

This super cool Bluetooth shower-head is the perfect gift really for anyone.  Everyone loves singing in the shower, and this ensures that they can hear their favourite songs and jam along while rinsing that shampoo off.

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