Get your bootie summer ready with Assome

LADY TECH – Get your bootie summer ready with Assome

Beauty Tech brand Assome! has launched groundbreaking technology which will help women say goodbye to cellulite for good. All within the comfort of their home. The innovative long-lasting cellulite treatment works with ultrasonic technology to increase the skin’s natural thickness, reduce bumps and stimulate collagen production.

Anyone can, in fact, develop cellulite, the annoying condition which occurs when enlarged packets of body fat deposit deep under the skin. It balloons up to the surface, pushing layers of fibres that once kept limbs nice and firm.

This pesky condition is hard to remove as no cosmetic gel or cream alone can penetrate the skin to remove the fat underneath. The Assome! Massager system, however, works at high frequencies with millions of vibrations a minute to fight cellulite at the source. Combing all the beauty technology on the market and bringing it to your home, Assome! is finally allowing everyone to get a booty like Emily Ratajkowski without the high price tag and the elite surgeons.

Cutting-edge technology

Combing three cutting-edge technologies- LED, radiofrequency and ultrasonic waves the Assome! Ultrasonic Massager fights cellulite and helps to lift and firm your booty in the comfort of your home. For those sick and tired of paying for beauty treatments that promise and don’t deliver, Assome! provides a dedicated alternative.

For too long the beauty industry has focused its energy developing technology to improve the skin on our faces, it is now time to focus on the booty. Assome! wants women around the world to love how they look from head to toe, from back to front, and especially in the booty department!

Combined with Assome! Ultrasonic Absorption gel and a selection of advanced, targetted serums, Assome! Ultrasonic Massager uses advanced sound wave technology to do what conventional cosmetics, creams and gels simply can’t do – penetrate beyond the dermal layer to lift, tighten and reduce cellulite.

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