Get to know “STEAMCREAM”

by Supapit Saikaew


I normally observe around the beauty section at shopping complexes and department stores to see the “New-in.” This week, I spotted “STEAMCREAM” imported from Japan at Loft, Siam discovery, Bangkok and decided to do more research on this product for our beloved readers. Here are 5 things to know about STEAMCREAM.

ONE – Fused with Steam

STEAMCREAM adapted an 18th-century technique in harnessing steam to maximize the performance of ingredients to produce a contemporary skin nourisher.


TWO – Handmade and Ethical

Each tin of STEAMCREAM is hand-formulated and enriched in ingredients from sustainable suppliers who comply with STEAMCREAM’s non-animal testing policy.


THREE – Natural Ingredients

STEAMCREAM is enriched with 12 sustainable natural actives, including raw plant extracts and essential oils, to nurture skin. We’ve used a shot of steam to extract the nutrients of oats, orange flower water, and chamomile oil, fusing these with essential oils of rose, lavender and orange blossom.

FOUR – A one-tin wonder

STEAMCREAM can be used as facial, hair, body, and hand moisturizer. Plus, you can use this weightless cream as a makeup remover cream. Encapsulated in a clean-lined tin, STEAMCREAM owns a signature aluminium finish with as hundreds of eye-catching and limited edition designs. You can also create your own collection with the same original STEAMCREAM inside.

FIVE – Melting Texture

Light as a cloud to touch, with a melting texture that allows the skin to readily absorb it goodness.

In Thailand, STEAMCREAM can be found exclusively at LOFT‘s  beauty shelves. The price is 550 THB.

Written by Digital Beauty-Editor-at-Large Supapit SAIKAEW Read this article in Thai at

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