Get the Look | Daisy Ridley’s First Oscar Walk

Inspiration: Robert Vetica for LEONOR GREYL

“This is Daisy’s first Oscars and she is breath of fresh air! Her look is young and cool and at the same time very modern. For the inspiration, I drew from very structural, architectural hairstyles, styles had almost a romantic feeling, and darker goth looks. In the end, I took my favorite part from each of those looks and combined them together, and the look is so high end but still fresh”.

Look: “We played off the feeling of her silvery Chanel couture dress, which had a 1920s flapper vibe. I didn’t want to be literal with it — it required something really edgy and a tiny bit futuristic. Something truly modern and chic.”


  • “Since Daisy has shoulder length hair, I incorporated a 22-inch ponytail I made to achieve this style — not only for length, but for extra volume as well. When I was prepping those hairpieces, I sprayed in Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté Organic Beauty Oil for Hair and Skin. It’s so nourishing and smells so delish, and the hair piece should be treated with luxurious products and appropriate tools that don’t wreck or burn. I brushed through with Olivia Garden’s EC- 46 S brush with soft bristles.”
  • Spray in Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Leave-In Detangling and Protective Spray and apply from roots to ends, lifting up the hair to ensure that it distributes evenly. “It’s a great prep product that works as double duty since it’s a heat protectant as well.”
  • Then apply Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice Volumizing Styling Mousse and brush through with Olivia Garden’s HH-P5 Ionic Vented Paddle Brush, “which helps to ensure that the health of your hair stays intact — brushing wet hair with wrong tools can leave your hair more susceptible to damage.”
  • Flip you hair over and focus on blow drying the roots, as that is one of the anchors for this hairstyle.
  • Once the roots are mostly dry, flip your head back to an upright position and begin a typical blowout, sectioning off your hair and going over it with Olivia Garden’s CI-35 round thermal brush. “Ceramic-based tools add extra heat to the hair and help mold and shape the style you’re going to create later.”
  • Once the hair is fully dry, add Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Nourishing and Protective Styling Cream from the ears down, to avoid adding any weight to the top of the head.
  • Take the very top section of hair at the crown and secure it while you began working in Leonor Greyl Gel À l’Hibiscus – Alcohol-Free Styling Gel to the back of the hair, brushing and combing the sides and the back of the hair up to a top knot right at the base of the crown.
  • Begin spritzing Leonor Greyl Laque Souple Light to Medium-Hold Hair Spray to the top for a clean tight look and brushing and combing the top knot “which was the base of my pony tail.”
  • Once complete, take the remaining hair sectioned off in the beginning, and back comb at the root to give the perfect shape at the crown, securing this section into the top knot with pins.
  • Then take the prepped hair piece, and wrapped it around the top knot and secured it with bobby pins.
  • “I used Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Nourishing and Protective Styling Cream throughout the ponytail to smooth the hair and increase radiance and shine. I created two ponytails and twisted each section down the length, used a clear elastic to secure the twisted look every six inches.”
  • With bobby pins, secure the hair at certain points to finish the sculpted parts ensuring you don’t see the elastics, and then spray the entire circumference of the style with Leonor Greyl Laque Souple Hair Spray.

Daisy Ridley Close Up Nails Oscars 2016

Nail Inspiration: Deborah Lippmann

“Daisy looked absolutely stunning in a shimmering silver and lavender Chanel couture dress, so we kept her nails ‘new girl fresh’ fashioning Naked on her fingers and toes. With her outstanding acting talent (did you hear she sings too?!) and divine personality – I have a new girl crush!”


  • Deborah prepped the nails using her signature 5-step manicure technique: First, cleanse the nails with The Stripper nail lacquer remover, shaped the nails with  Smooth Operator 4-way nail buffer, exfoliated with Cuticle Remover, and hydrate the hands and nails with Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream and The Cure.
  • Apply one coat of Gel Lab Pro Base Coat, followed by Naked.
  • Then seal the look with a coat of Gel Lab Pro Top Coat.

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