Get Ready For Summer Family Adventure With Britax Dualfix I-Size Car Seat

by Gosia Krajewski

I am a huge fan of travelling and adventures. Becoming a mum hasn’t changed that. The only thing that changed is the way we travel. We have to plan more things in advance and make sure that our little girl can travel long distances in the safest and the most comfortable way. Matylda is a three-year-old girl, which simply means that she grows fast and gets heavier. Putting her into our usual car seat became a bit of a struggle. So when we came across Britax Romer Dualfix I-size Car Seat with fantastic swivel option, we we were very excited to test it. The results were beyond our expectations, and we would love to share our experience with it. So have a look what features it offers to make family travels more comfortable and fun experiences.

Key facts

This fantastic car seat offers 360-degree rotatable car seat with ISOFIX is suitable from birth to 105 cm (birth – 4 years). DUALFIX i-SIZE with integrated Isofix base is designed to grow flexibly together with the child, while a range of innovative features ensure constant safety and superb comfort.

Safety First

For me as a mother, safety always comes first, especially in case of an accident. I-SIZE is the new European Standard for child car seats which came out in 2013. I-SIZE car seats provide increased support for head and neck, better protection in case of frontal and side-impacts and a five-point harness in case the car rolls over. It also states that children must be rearward facing up to a minimum of 15 months and classifies seats by child’s height rather than weight. Britax Dualfix I-Size ticks all the safety boxes, and goes even beyond. It provides all-around safety, including Britax Römer’s new “SICT inside” concept for superior protection in the event of a side collision. 

More safety features

The DUALFIX i-SIZE features a unique steel bar inside the seat. In a side impact, the durable bar acts like a protective shell which, together with the softly padded side wings, forms a protective cocoon around the occupant. As the steel bar deforms, it absorbs energy and guides forces into the inner part of the seat, away from the child. The padded side wings cushion the forces of the impact, further reducing the risk of injury. Specially designed to control the movement of the child’s head,

Let’s move to actual usage of the seat. First of all, it is very easy to change the car seat position from forward facing to backwards facing with a touch of one button. I love this feature, because I have to admit that when you travel with a child, you really have many other things to think about. So you press with one hand and use other one to turn it to desired direction. Matylda is big enough to travel forward facing, but she loves the footrest and prefers to seat backwards, which is much safer for her.

For Newborns

For those of you, who just welcomed their new bundle of joy to the world, this is a key feature. The newborn insert provides superior comfort and support for babies, making the Britax Dualfix i-size a great choice right from the start. This fantastic car seat rotates 360-degree , which means that you don’t have to struggle to put your sleeping baby into the car. Perhaps for new parents, the fact, that this car seat isn’t part of the travel system, which means that you cannot carry that with you home, might not be ideal, but it’s definitely safer.



The installation is very simple. The Dualfix also has an adjustable rebound bar, which allows you to fit it to your particular car seat more easily, as you can adjust the angle better. There’s then a fabric loop to pull, which extends the ISOFIX locking arms and allows you to line these up with the ISOFIX points in the car. This is where you use the ISOFIX insertion aids if you don’t have them on your car as standard. They really thought about every little detail to make parent’s life easier. The final part of installation is the support leg. This is pulled away from the car seat, then adjusted to rest firmly on the floor of the vehicle. The feature that is particularly helpful is the click that you will be able to hear if the seat it is correctly installed. 


Five Point Harness

The DUALFIX i-size also boasts a five-point harness that distributes the forces of an accident across five points of the car seat and away from the child. The soft neoprene chest pads provide greater cushioning and a snug fit against the pelvis, across the shoulders and over the rib cage. The harness additionally keeps the child firmly in place in all types of collisions and provides an option for little ones to sit rearward-facing until 4 years of age.


Once the child begins to grow, the variable seat size can be adjusted at any time to provide an optimal ergonomic fit up to 105cm. The unique rebound bar helps to prevent the child car seat from tilting during an impact, but can also be adjusted by an entire 8 degrees. This adjustment provides children with an additional 10 percent of leg space when sitting rearward-facing. I am particularly happy about it, because my daughter inherited long legs after her mommy!


Britax car seat also features an intuitive single-handed headrest and harness adjustment and allows for 6 recline positions forward-facing and 6 recline positions rearward-facing for an ergonomic sleeping position at every age, including a flat recline position ideal for newborns.


Matylda’s Verdict

Her face says it all. She felt comfortable in each position that the seat offers, although that smile suggests, that backwards facing seems the best one for her. And for me as a mum, her comfort means we can continue my passion and teach her that travelling is the best way to understand the world. Happy travels!

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