Get the hommeboy style of Victor Cruz

by Charlotte Smith



Style Cartel is #teamvicGiants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz won Sports Illustrated’s Style MVP last April . The magazine unveiled  “The Fashionable 50”, an issue dedicated to identifying the world’s 50 most stylish athletes. Cruz took home the top spot followed by Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Serena Williams and Henrik Lundqvist.


The book is already written, it's up to you to follow each chapter. ?: @13thwitness

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Fashion & Football Style 


Style Cartel also wants to get in the game with documenting the style of fashionable football players.  Actually most of our top post are about when we talk about athletes and their fashion sense.   We agree with Sports Illustrated for nameing him one of the world’s stylish althelets, because he earned it.  He wants to teach kids like him that it is not wear, or where you come from, that dictates your personal style. 



President Obama greets New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz

If you follow the mens wear fashion week circuit you must know this face.  When he is not on the field he is, also invited to some of the biggest designer shows on the calendar.  He shows grown men how to wear ripped jeans the dapper way.  


Shout out to @marcofalcetta for the ill shots we took for @moncler ?????? thank you bro!!

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Until now he is  still low-key when he hits the streets after a fashion show here in Paris.  Nevertheless, he is sometimes missed on the street after a show.  Although he might do the latest dance when he makes a great play on the field.  


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Let’s say you’re going shopping and you see something that you really think is cool, what do you say? HB
My favorite line is “Yo, this is crazy.” That’s kind of my line. So if I see something in the window or in a store I say “Yo, this sweater is crazy!” — Victor Cruz




We have a special relationship/crush on the American footballer and why we choose him to launch Fashion and Football men’s style stories. After meeting him after a show and partying with him in Paris. We found this fashionable footballer,  an easy-going lady killer to chat to.  We normally  run into him in Paris waiting for a Uber to get to the next show or after party.


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“Fashion is what you make of it—if you’re comfortable in it and you own it, there’s no box you can put it in. That’s the beauty of fashion. Football gave me a platform to show the world how I dress. Even on the field, I make sure I’m always cleaned up, my jersey’s never un-tucked, my socks are always pulled up and my spikes always look well-kept, neat and new.” — Victor Cruz


Stay focused on the joy. It numbs the pain.

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The New York Giants Footballer from New Jersey, has elevated his style from a boy from the hood to a man of style.  Style Cartel is #teamvic all day. The lux wearing footballer, rocks sports wear to designer suits, he is our Hommeboy Style of the day. 


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