Get colorful with Estée Lauder Eye Shadows

They say eyes are the mirror of the soul. Sculpting and contouring our eyes make a lot more sense now. I am personally a big eye makeup gal. I can go makeup free but I need something in my eyes, like an eye shadow to define my lash line and mascara. When the common question pops “If you could take one makeup product with you on a desert island, what would it be ?”, my answer is always the same : mascara (and if I can cheat, I add eye liner).

For the purpose of my beauty editor job, I have tried these beautiful eye shadows from the great Estée Lauder and they are really great. I had the chance to receive those products while we were preparing our Fashion Editorial photoshoot. I used the gold color on our models, to make the eyes pop and give the sultry look we needed for the shoot.

The eye shadows are powdery, but creamy at the same time. You can apply the color on your lids very smoothly, there’s not much work to do. It blends very well, and the pigments are really intense. Here, I present three mono eye shadows from the Pure Color Envy Line.

Mono Eye Shadows from Estée Lauder

The gold color is a must have, everybody needs this color in their makeup kit. there will be an occasion to wear gold at some point, trust me. And this one called 08 Unrivaled is exactly what you need.

We talked about gold, now let’s move on to silver. I am more accustomed to gold, but when I saw this silver, my heart melted. I even prefered it out of the three. This isn’t a crazy white-silver, no, it is exactly the amount of gray pigment you need. And it is called 13 Silver Edge.


Finally, we have a copper shade. This color has been trending for the past two years, and if you are reluctant to try it out, I suggest you do, immediately. Unlike the gold and the silver, the copper shade is much more neutral and wearable on a daily basis. This shade called 11 Decadent Copper is the color you need to highlight your eyes.



Eye Shadow Palette from Estée Lauder

And then, if you really want to treat yourself, there is this palette, the Sculpting EyeShadow 5-color palette from the Pure Color Envy line. This palette called 08 Infamous Sky has a stunning packaging, it really does catch the eyes. The palette is simple, monochromatic yet incredibly elegant and luxurious.

As for the colors, you can find a matte highlighting beige shade, a gold and silver color, a bronze one and a deep blue-ish black shade. I honestly love it, I would totally use three of those colors on my everyday life, for a simple makeup.



Get the perfect everyday look with this palette : Use the bronze color on your lids, add the black on your upper lash line to emphasize your lashes, and finish with the matte beige shade on the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes stand out.

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