Gentle Monster: The Eyewear Brand Putting You Out of Business

by Nejilka
Gentle Monster: The Eyewear Brand Putting You Out of Business


Gentle Monster born and bred in Seoul, South Korea.  It was a different time in 2011, when they first established. Seven years later the high street and high demand sunglasses brand has been fast growing. I came across the brand when my friend Aweng Choul, featured her in their “RED WIDE OPEN” SS18 Campaign. The sunglasses are spectacular. If you’d had a chance to see it on your hands and try it on like in their event at SelfFridges (back in June) you know this brand don’t play games. I’m all for Gentle Monster. Not only do they have this high fashion “je ne sais quoi” to them but some of the sunglasses they have are a Matrix finish look. They do a lot of different shapes, but this is definitely a cool brand that sticks to their authenticity and speaks to their audience.  Meanwhile, they have accomplished so many things in the last year since I’ve heard of the brand. Gentle Monster had a pop up a while ago in SelfFridges – London, June 2018. I went to the pop-up, halfway through and some of sunglasses were already out of stock. Being that this is the first eye wear brand (in my opinion) achieving that small sunglasses look. Even the overall material, quality, lenses, and overall fit was great enough for me to even be tempted to buy one. Not shortly after the event, Gentle Monster announced their first flagship store in London!!


Address: 28-29 Argyll Street, London W1F 7EB

And then wait for it……..

Gentle Monster recently done a collaboration with Xander Zhou. Seen on here. A specific collaboration that only involves a raincoat: GMXZ. The raincoat is alleged a oversize raincoat (oooo comfy), with an adjustable hood. You can put on your hood or take it off. It is made wind-proof and rain-proof material. It even features a reflective detail for that futuristic finish.

Capsule: Once Upon Future Sunglasses


I see what you guys are doing there. I bet, any sunglasses from the Capsule: Once Upon Future would look absolutely amazing with GMXZ: Rain Coat. The GMXZ coat is available on Gentle Monster website and only for a whooping USD 320.00. Releasing today!





And if you’re excited as me, well you couldn’t wait to see this new collaboration. They’ve just announced literally yesterday (squealing from the email) a collaboration with Alexander WangGentle Monster X Alexander Wang!!!!!! Two Matrix genius. The sunglasses are so lush. If you’ve seen them or know a little bit about the collaboration. GM X AW first made an appearance Alexander Wang FW18 Show. They’ve dropped a few teasers on their Instagram.  Although, Gentle Monster is known for their skinny, futuristic, eye wear looks; they will be debuting a whole other Matrix this season upon us. It’s as-if Madonna and Audrey Hepburn had a baby. Gentle Monster X Alexander Wang took traditional cat-eye is more rectangular and square shaped, more chic and effortless if you ask me.


The collaboration sunglasses will be available to buy On September 8th on the online at and for $295 USD/£207.00 GBP/€237 EUR.

  Xo, Nejilka

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