Freedom Through Fabrics – A Guide to Choosing Breathable Clothing

by Charlotte Smith

Freedom Through Fabrics – A Guide to Choosing Breathable Clothing

There’s really no better feeling than ripping off your bra the minute you step in the door and cosying up in your PJs for some Netflix and chill. Am I  right… or, am I RIGHT? But, for those moments that you do inevitably have to step outside for more than your next Uber Eats order, then you might need to opt for the next best thing… and that’s find clothing that not only flatters you but feels damn comfy too!

Liberating Lingerie

Get Saucy This Sexy Saturday In Wolford Luxury Lingerie & Legwear Soben Photography

Your unmentionables should never be unmentionable! Your skivvies should never be sketchy. You get the point…lingerie should be at all times LIBERATING! So, should you dig into your underwear drawer and pull out a handful of perfunctory polyester panties then it’s high time to do yourself…and your lady bits…a huge favour and go shopping for some new gear!

These bamboo undies fly the flag for free-spirited, eco-conscious babes the world over. Not only are they fun and oh so cheeky (available in some super rad and even retro colours) but, these little beauties are about the most wearable form of underwear you might ever hope to, well… wear!

That’s because bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and very gentle on your skin. It’s perfect even for those with sensitivities as it is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also antibacterial and odour-resistant. Plus, you can say goodbye to clinging clothes as bamboo undies have a neutral static charge, so they keep you feeling great with no extra lumps and bumps for a streamlined look all day long.

Adaptable Activewear

These days it’s all about embracing the skin you’re in. After all, life is far too short to do anything else! Active-wear is all the rage and, as it turns out, it’s not just for the gym. That’s because it’s so much easier to go about your day in highly adaptable activewear; whether that’s running errands, picking up the kids from school or going for an afternoon jog.

The thing about active-wear is that it is available in a range of moisture-wicking fabrics that are specially designed to draw moisture away from the skin. Therefore, if you find yourself on-the-go all day… well then, nothing could be more suitable! Functional activewear means you can do a spot of yoga in the park and grab that smoothie afterward without stinking to high heaven.

Technologically advanced fabrics ensure you that you also don’t have to worry about nasty sweat stains in the process. Mesh panels and creative cut-outs not only look cool, but they keep you feeling that way too. So, you can stay motivated, confident and rest easy knowing that your active-wear gear has your back… no matter what your day might throw at you!

Chillaxed Cover-Ups

The cutest thing for trans-seasonal wear or balmier evenings are cover-ups, cardigans and cropped jumpers that personify the word CHILLAXED. Luxe loungewear is one of the most popular trends around, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B regularly sporting the look (you will also find that Victoria’s Secret is also a big stockist).

To up the ante on comfort opt for sustainable loungewear in natural fabrics like organic cotton. Not only will this make for a cover-up that is sublimely soft, but you will give a helping hand to the environment. Feel like a goddess in dreamy pieces perfect for yoga/pilates, late-afternoon strolls or simply just a night in spent curled up with a good book.

Loungewear really gives you the freedom to just BE. You can be a little bit gangsta or a little bit earth mamma; whatever your vibe…you will do it in your own way and to your own relaxed rhythm. It’s enough to make you get the warm and fuzzies!

Just Breathe

Yes, you CAN express your freedom through fashion…and the choices you make when it comes to fabrics. With a range of versatile styles and textiles on the market, it’s now easier than ever to embrace a blissfully unrestricted sense of style…so, that you can breathe easy and look fabulous in the bargain. What a huge sigh of relief!


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