FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – Fragrances to awaken the senses for the summer

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – Fragrances to awaken the senses for the summer

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale

At the root of Eau Initiale is a divine flower, the magnolia. Sensual, tender and bursting with character. At the heart of Dahlia Divin Eau Initiale, magnolia flower comes together with fresh jasmine and rose essence to produce a noble bouquet, overflowing with femininity. A flurry of petals whose crispness is accentuated by the vibrancy of a sunny citrus trio of bergamot, petitgrain and blood orange. Enter cedarwood and sandalwood, emphasising the softness of smooth, almost sheer musks. A pared-back accord whose sensuality is but a subtle suggestion, an intimate whisper.

Paco  Rabanne Olympea Aqua


Aqua is a dive into the abyss. Freshness at its peak. Depp, intense fragrance, swept up in sensuality. The freshness of a citrus flower is sexy and addictive. A surge of amber freshness built around an intense, addictive “salty-vanilla”accord. An aquatic duel of a dance by Loc Dong and Fanny Bal. We love deep vanilla and chamber wood notes.

Tiffany & Co

The sparkling floral musk is a contemporary take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery. The scent opens with vibrant top notes of vert de mandarine. At the heart, a precious iris flower is the hero ingredient.  This signature ingredient adds strength, femininity and grounds the composition with refinement and sophistication. Patchouli base notes wrapped in a blend of soothing musks is sensual on the skin.

My Burberry Black

An intense and sensual interpretation of the iconic fragrance My Burberry. Capturing the essence of a London garden at dusk, My Burberry Black fuses the scent of sun-drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with the sensual touch of candied rose. The fragrance settles with notes of amber patchouli for an intense and memorable base.

Narciso Rodriquez For Her EDP

The fragrance awakens the senses, its ethereal elegance envelops a woman in a captivating aura of mystery and quiet confidence. The for her eau de parfum exposes a more enveloping yet subtle sensuality. The sensation of a caress, as if stroking cashmere. for her reveals an intoxicating and sensual side.

YSL Black Opium

ysl fragrance

Mysterious but sensual. It first breaks with zingy blackcurrant accord. A juicy pear accord, with its gritty flesh, adds a unique sweetness. The bitter-green white underside of a mandarin peel mingling with the smells of citrus sends a sharp signal. Before you can take a breath, a new floral solar accord hits the senses along with a heady whirl of fragrant jasmine tea blended with passionate orange blossom . Invigorating, it gives a sensual white flower heart to the fragrance.

Narciso Rodriguez Rouge

A fiery sensuality. The new fragrance teases and seduces with rare intensity and vibrant warmth. The alchemy of attraction is rekindled. The signature heart of musc is animated by an exquisite floral bouquet Bulgarian rose and iris. Vivid amber woody notes – tonka, vetiver, black and white cedar – lend an urgency. Timeless yet transcendent.


Montblanc Legend Night

Montblanc Legend Night

Montblanc Legend Night paints a top-flight olfactory picture with remarkable contrasts of light and shadow. Designed by the talented duo Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux who set out to reveal “the charisma of the wearer”, this juice is a magnetic woody fragrance, ultra-masculine yet free from aggression. Mysterious. And reassuring. The Eau de Parfum brings out the elegance and aura of the Legend Night man.

The aromatic notes of clary sage and peppermint, enhanced with cool spices (cardamom) and sparkling bergamot, set the fragrance’s fresh and lively tone. The opening is bright, like the natural radiance of our man’s aura.

The middle notes immediately counterbalance this first impression of refreshing coolness with their warm elegance. The precious scents of cedar wood blend well with the floral lavender tones, a classic in men’s fragrances, and slightly powdered violet.

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