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Fragrances She Will Love You For This Festive Season

by Gosia Krajewski

I am such a junkie when it comes to perfume. I like to have one for different occasions, days and evenings, heavy or airy and floral. Who else loves to get a new fragrance for Christmas hands up. Exactly!  So I compiled the list of the most exciting fragrances that were either recently launches, or managed to become classics over the years. I hope that my guide helps you decide, what to put on your letter to Santa.

Thierry Mugler Aura

This eau de toilette is a revamped version of Eau de Parfum and I absolutely love it. It is the promise of radiant freshness and tender sensuality, blending juicy notes of pear, the floral aromas of hibiscus seeds, the richness of tiger liana, and the velvety accents of white vanilla tahitensis, combined with iris root. A new life energy, fresher and more luminous, it is a perfect reminder of what we are celebrating this festive season.

christmas fragrance

Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette

I love this fragrance because it represents femininity in all its all facets. The aroma of juicy and very Christmasy mandarin takes centre stage, with a vibrant and joyful play on the top notes. This tangy citrus zest blends with the freshness of an overdose of beautiful Carla lavender. We then find Sambac jasmine and vanilla Tahitensis, raw ingredients that make up Mon Guerlain’s fragrance signature.

Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle

This is such a romantic and care-free fragrance. Perfect for those wintery evenings. Throwing tradition to the wind, Beautiful Belle embodies the fun, flirtatious radiance. Composed as an unforgettable modern love story, the addictive floral, oriental fragrance blossoms in chapters telling the tale of happiness, romance seduction and addiction that embody this alluring signature scent.

Miu Miu Fleur D’Argent

This sensual and sophisticated fragrance became an instant classic.A balanced composition and Musk Accord and Miu Miu signature undertone Akigalawood provides a buoyant precocious roundness. I love this perfume because of its contrasts. It’s almost like putting a structured jacket on a dazzling dress. It is elegant yet provocative underneath…just like a woman.

Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau Fresh

For me it just evokes the feeling of endless possibilities. This eau de toilette is a new version of the original Michael Kors Wonderlust fragrance which I am a massive fan of. It embodies the passion for adventure and exploration. Awaken the senses with a breezy blend of vibrant citrus, enticing florals and the airy warmth of woods. The sparkle of pink grapefruit imparts a zesty citrus that lingers through the fragrance. The lush petals of white peony evoke a softness at the heart, while pamplewood deepens the citrus effect. So refreshing.

Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her


christmas fragrance

Burberry Her

If you or any women in your life are Londoner or aspire to be one, this is such a signature fragrance that encapsulates the adventurous spirit of this magical city. It is vibrant, fruity and floral fragrance that bursts with red and black berries and features floral notes of jasmine and violet with a touch of dry a,her and musk. It’s so signature, you can instantly recognise that someone is wearing. And that’s what perfect fragrance is about.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione

Fir me Christmas is about love and passion. So this was such an obvious choice. It combines intense vanilla with the blooms of rose, heliotrope and jasmine to create a sensual, fruity floral scent, reflective of the simultaneous delicacy and strength of femininity. At the very heart of Sì Passione is cedarwood and the modern ambery-woody Orcanox, giving a maturity and character, mirroring a boldness of emotion, evoking true passion. So sensual and intense. Just like all of us.


christmas fragrance

Jour d’Hermes

It’s all about bunches of beautiful flowers. And we all love flowers. So you have to love this fragrance that is so full of armfuls, bouquets, sprays, clusters, garden flowers and elegant cut flowers, morning flowers and evening flowers. They all compose this floral written in a taut, caressing style. This perfume illustrates every downstroke and upstroke of an essential femininity, revealed by light, the primary raw material at Hermès.

Tiffany & Co Intense

Tiffany & Co epitomises love. And Christmas is all about love. So this choice seems so natural for the            season. It is a richer and deeper version of the signature artisanal fragrance. This new interpretation            echoes facets of the original composition with a profusion of iris, along with notes of amber and warm         vanilla-like  benzoin. The fragrance composition brings so much optimism,strength and joy.  Happy            holidays!

christmas fragrance

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