Fragrance Friday| The Special Two New Scents by Lanvin

Fragrance Friday and The Special Scents of Lanvin.  My sister-in-law reminded me the other day that my signature scents are all by Lanvin.  

The fashion house is also known for it’s signature scents.  This summer they have released two new fragrances that you will want in your boudoir for everyday and special occasions. One called Modern Princess and the other  Éclat de Fleurs.  

Fragrance Friday| The Special  Two New Scents by  Lanvin

The Special Scents of Lanvin

Modern Princess: For this new fragrance, Lanvin explores a new and very contemporary vision of women: one who lives in a mysterious way, which assumes the hidden facet and not blameless for his actions, rebellious adventurer. Steffy Argelich is the face of this new fragrance signed Lanvin.It has that irresistible charm, that innate sense of elegance, this urban romantic charisma in perfect harmony with the spirit of Modern Princess.Modern, natural femininity, freedom of spirit and independence.


THE INSPIRATION With this new fragrance, Lanvin explores a new, highly contemporary vision of a woman: one who lives in mysterious ways, one who accepts the hidden, unmentionable facet of her actions, a rebellious adventurer. Free-spirited, she lives the life of a disarmingly modern princess, of one who breaks rules in general, and rules of romance in particular. Glamorous, untamed and fiercely sensual, she uses her own free will, playing with secrets and certainties.

Fragrance Friday| The Special  Two New Scents by  Lanvin

THE FRAGRANCE “Texture, emotion and plenty of sensoriality” – Christophe Raynaud, Firmenich In this sexy floral, the combination of jasmine and Pink Lady provides a new temptation. The top notes are young and invigorating, almost innocent, with apple and red currants – mouthwatering and delicious. The middle notes are more womanly, with a great deal of self-confidence and attitude. The dual personality of jasmine, at once delicate and carnal, flirts with the timeless elegance of freesia. Fragile, romantic and delicate on the surface, it gradually becomes unsettling and alluring as it is released. This assertive femininity becomes even stronger in contact with white musks, which provide an ultra-sexy, velvety feel. The last woman to reveal herself is an extremely sensual one, transformed even into a femme fatale with vanilla orchid. Blond wood brings a luxury that only she can take on, and the white musks provide sexy, intense comfort, like a caress on the skin.So how does it smell? Divine and perfect for summer parties and date night. This scent is for mature women.


Fragrance Friday| The Special  Two New Scents by  LanvinÉclat de Fleurs, a new flanker to join the “family” of the classic Arpège and 2002’s Éclat d’Arpège. Éclat de Fleurs “conjures up the euphoria of a sunny stroll filled with flowers and joy,” and it’s a fruity floral with notes of pear, freesia, rose, jasmine sambac, white musk and sandalwood, developed by perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu.


The bottle for Éclat de Fleurs echoes Arpège’s signature ball-shaped flacon, and it’s engraved with a ribbed pattern that evokes the flower petals of the marguerite — another word for daisy, and the name of Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter. Visually, Éclat de Fleurs fits in with its “mother” and older “sister” — but does it have any olfactory kinship? No and yes —- if you’re a diehard fan of Arpège, this one probably won’t interest you much. If you’ve enjoyed the cheerful lemon-and lilac theme of Éclat d’Arpège and its various limited edition flankers, however, you may be more open to this fruity-flowery new sibling.

So how does it smell? I expected Éclat de Fleurs to be all flowers, based on its name. The freesia and rose are in there, and they’re very sheer and contemporary. The real star of this fragrance, however, seems to be the pear — it starts off strong and it never really leaves. If you love pear notes, you’ll be happy; if you really, really don’t like pear, this might ruin the fragrance for you. The rose and freesia and the very clean jasmine are lifted by an aldehydic fizziness, and the whole thing feels nicely radiant. The musk in the base is all but transparent. This scent-experience isn’t meant to be a glamorous evening event, like Mama Arpège; it’s just a girls’ day out, maybe a weekend brunch.



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