Founder of One Skin, Noele Hammett on her Journey, Passion for Skin Care and Her Award Winning Brand

by Sora Alfatlawi

As someone who has recently begun shunning excessive skin care routines in confusion of what works and what is purely marketing, the chance to interview Noele Hammett, founder of award-winning skincare brand, One Skin, seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out about an expert’s journey into the beauty industry and what her products have to offer. Trained at the London College of Fashion, Noele has been in the beauty and spa industry for 27 years. A week after Noele had won a national award for one of her products, a client approached her to sell her spa. “Oh, I didn’t know how I felt about that, it was my baby, but I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to create my own skincare brand. I loved helping people, whether they had problem skin or just looking for something that was going to keep their skin in the best health. I was getting a little frustrated having worked with amazing brands, but I felt like the skin industry wasn’t about skin, it became more about marketing. I felt like there was no need to have 4 eye care products. The skin is an organ and it’s pretty simple and its needs are simple so how could I create a brand that could treat loads of different problems but without having the biggest range”.

With the skincare industry being estimated to bring in a whopping $130 billion in 2019, it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of what your skin needs and what is fancy packaging and just smells great.  After selling her spa, Noele flew out to America and found a lab, which she’s now been working with for 12 years. Having perfected her craft, One Skin seems to have found a unique way of selling their products to their clients – treating by lifestyle and not a skin type.

“The reflection you see of your skin is of your lifestyle” Noele said. One Skin currently offers 5 categories for you to choose from – Stress repair, holiday repair, party repair, city repair and age repair, each formulated to help and target life’s everyday battles. One Skin provides a full health service, analysing your needs to prolong healthy skin. They also provide consultations both in the clinic(link) and online, setting you up with a full weekly and monthly skin program, something particularly helpful for those who are overwhelmed by the number of products in just one skincare routine.

As I listen to Noele, her love and expertise in what she does is evident. Her packaged products are clean and simple and are free from sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, synthetic fragrance & colours, rather focusing on active, science-backed ingredients. Noele’s journey into beauty began as a child working in a hair salon, where she developed a love for interacting and providing care for the customers. After highlighting her dad’s hair, he treated Noele to her first facial. “There was only one place in those days that used to do facials and she put me in this chair and she started doing this treatment and she did all these extractions and I thought oh my god these are painful and then started doing this face massage and my toes were wiggling and just at that moment I thought this is what I want to do”. At that moment, Noele applied for London College of Fashion, however, she was missing Biology – which was a requirement to get in. On her way out of her interview, she told her dad she had to study 2 years’ worth of Biology in 2 months and not surprisingly looking at the passion in Noele’s face as she had been talking about One Skin that she passed. “I never for one minute thought I wouldn’t get it. It’s not because it wasn’t hard. I just wanted that college”. Noele went on to win ‘beauty therapist of the year award’ at the end of college, the highest achiever at the time. “Still to this day, it sits in my beauty room, along with my ‘spa of the year award’ for my business”.

For those new to starting a skin care routine or don’t quite know where to begin. “You got to start with a perfect canvas. People think a wipe will do and I understand that. But unless you have removed the pollution around you and you have removed any makeup or sweat, then whatever you put on top will not penetrate properly. The second most important thing is to be wearing an SPF. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you will reduce the ageing process”.

There is no slowing down for Noele and One Skin. Her new product – spring water infused with oxygen launches soon. If you’re about in London on the 7th April, One Skin will be launching their new product as well as taking bookings for facials. Get your free tickets here.

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