Forget the Dress — Choose Shoes for Comfort and Class on Your Wedding Day

by Charlotte Smith

Choose Shoes for Comfort and Class on Your Wedding Day

So much effort goes into picking the perfect wedding dress. You devote entire weekends, whole months to perusing gowns listed online or sifting through racks at dozens of boutiques. You slowly and diligently narrow down your wants and needs: Yes to lace, no to the sash, yes to open back, no to halter, etc. Finally, after extreme amounts of work, you find the dress for you — when you pick up whatever shoes you can find on the way home.

Your dress is important, but as the costume designers for “Sex and the City” say, shoes make the outfit. Your bridal shoes shouldn’t be some inconsequential afterthought; they should fit your style, your dress’s look, and your wedding’s feel, completing your appearance and helping you feel comfortable on your big day. If you are struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding, you can find support in this guide.


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Get Fit

No, you don’t need to tone your feet before your wedding day. However, you should get your feet professionally measured before you try on even one glass slipper. A professional can help you find your perfect fit, which ensures you will walk comfortably on your big day and prevents you from wasting time and energy trying on a range of sizes.

You can try to measure your own size: The length, width, and arch length are indispensable measurements for identifying your true shoe size. You should remember that your feet will change shape during the course of the day. You should try to get measured and go shoe shopping around the time of your wedding to prevent swelling from ruining your foot fashion and causing pain.

Find Shoes for You

As with every other aspect of your wedding, other people are going to try to tell you what footwear to buy. As with every other aspect of your wedding, you should ignore them. Your wedding is not the time to experiment with fashions that make you uncomfortable; you already have a sense of your preferred footwear style, and that’s what should guide your shopping and purchasing.

If you have 20 pairs of pumps, you should look for the most glamorous heels in your budget. Conversely, if you are more of a sneakers-and-jeans type, you should find a sparkly pair of flats. Because you are going to wear your wedding shoes, you should be the one in love with them — and no one else’s opinion should matter.

Remember Your Wedding Wants

In addition to your personal style, you should consider aspects of your wedding that might guide your footwear choices. For example, if you have long dreamed of a beach wedding, it would be a waste to wear stiletto heels which will sink straight into the sand. If you’re getting married during a cold or wet season, you might prefer close-toed shoes to keep your feet warm. Finally, if you plan to dance the night away, you should want footwear that is sturdy and supportive. The location of your wedding, the season, and your planned activities should all impact your ultimate footwear decision.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

A wedding is expensive, so it is a bad idea to devote too much of your budget to shoes. Before you buy any pair, you should verify that they are appropriately priced considering the cost of your dress, your venue, and other important aspects of your big day. No one is going to appreciate your custom-made, designer heels if you can’t afford to feed your guests. It’s okay to pay more than you might normally for a pair of nice wedding shoes — but only if it’s in the budget.

Consider All Your Options

You don’t have to decide on your wedding shoes right now; you don’t even have to decide before you go dress shopping; you don’t have to decide on your footwear until the day of your wedding. It’s smart to buy a few different shoe options, wear them in, and consider their pros and cons. While you are hunting for your perfect gown, you can take a selection of shoes along with you to try on with potential dresses. You will probably want to change your footwear once or twice during the course of the day, so having several options on hand is a good idea.


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