FOREO’s new UFO mask gadget combines two of the most talked about beauty trends of 2018

LADY TECH – FOREO’s new UFO mask gadget combines two of the most talked about beauty trends of 2018

LED technology and cryo-therapy hold the secret to better skin and thanks to FOREO you no longer need to go to a salon for the benefits. Well, that’s what FOREO have produced with the new UFO sheet mask gadget. A combination of LED therapy, thermo-therapy, cryo-therapy as well as the brand’s signature T-Sonic pulsations (10,000 per minute), there’s not much this hand-held skin healer can’t do.


FOREO’s new UFO mask gadget combines two of the most talked about beauty trends of 2018

Streaming a rainbow of red, green and blue rays into the skin, the red works to stimulate collagen production, the green evens skin tone and brightens while the blue kills bacteria that can lead to spots and inflammation. Once the LED lasers have completed their work, the temperature controls can kick in. The UFO heats to between 20 and 50 degrees instantly warming the skin. This causes the pores to loosen so the ingredients from the mask can penetrate deeper than a normal cream or serum and in far less time thanks to those T-Sonic pulsations that send the actives into pores at full throttle.

Ingredients delivered, it’s time for the cold-therapy part. From hot to cold, the new four degree temperature will minimise the appearance of pores, reduce any puffiness and tighten and firm the face. That continuous pulsing will also help stimulate and boost circulation so skin instantly looks revitalised.


While the UFO’s light and temperature technology are especially whizzy, so too are the sheet masks to be used with it. With multiple activated sheet masks to choose from depending on skin type and concern. One is designed for the morning that’s full of hyaluronic acid and red algae to hydrate skin and help protect against pollution during the day, another slots into your evening regime. Packed with ginseng and olive oil to plump, replenish and relax, you’ll wake up with recognisably better skin.

You don’t even have to wear the mask, you simply apply the sheet mask to the circular pod, secure with attachment ring, press once for Day mask / twice for Night mask and run it over your skin. Once the 90 seconds is complete, simply pat any remaining essence in and continue with your other products as normal. Unclip the mask, throw it away, pat your UFO dry and it’s ready to go again.

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