For Sale: Archive Martin Maison Margiela at Sotheby’s

by Nejilka
For Sale: Archive Martin Maison Margiela at Sotheby’s

Margiela founded in 1988 by Martin Margiela and Jenny Meirens. Margiela’s approach to clothes is what made him famous. Deconstruct and reconstruct. He didn’t want to be a traditional designer promoting star status. Margiela instead focused on his craft. He preferred the garments to be the highlight of the brand. He desired to push his designs to the extreme. He wanted to push the probability limits do not exist. Margiela’s anonymity set him apart from all the other designers. Margiela never made any public appearances. Have you ever seen a traditional bow at Margiela? His work was celebrated in three major exhibitions hosted in 2008 and 2018. The first one was for Maison Margiela’s 20th anniversary at the ModeMuseum in Antwerp. The two others in 2018 were at Margiela HQ.

Could you imagine, getting your hands on Margiela archives 1986-2006? The most iconic looks and the years that made by Martin Maison. About 220 items of clothing and accessories from a private collection will be in a high profile sale. With an exhibition and an auction to be held online between 19 September and 1 October 2019. Sotheby’s will be celebrating Martin Margiela. Margiela’s radical approach from deconstructing to reconstructing garments.

When? EXHIBITION: 20 – 25 SEPTEMBER 2019

Among the most important items offered in this sale, the collection includes the tapered coats created at the beginning of his career for the autumn-winter 1989-1990 collection (estimate from €3,000), and doll’s clothing enlarged to human scale from the autumn-winter 1994-1995 collection (estimate: €800-€1,200). The sale includes highlights from Martin Margiela’s most famous collections, including leather pieces from the autumn-winter 1992-1993 Salvation Army collection (estimate from €1,800), and pieces from the photographic prints collection of spring-summer 1996 (estimate from €1,500) that retain the memory of other garments.The most iconic lots include pieces from the spring-summer
1997 Stockman collection, including the iconic linen jacket (estimate: €7,000-€9,000) and the down coats of autumn-winter 1999-2000 (estimate from €7,000) in both lengths. The sale will also offer a unique opportunity to acquire one of the 40 limited edition pieces from the Artisanal collection, and particularly a top created from bow ties, only two of which were produced at that time (estimate: €5,000-€7,000) and the legendary men’s vest assembled from playing cards, only five of which were ever created (estimate: €8,000-€10,000).

Credit: Sotheby’s / Art Digital Studio

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