Style Cartel | Astrological Footprint – MARCH, 19 th, 2017

Astrological Footprint – MARCH, 19 th, 2017

#SUNDAY with great scenery. Astrological footprint : It is the desire for freedom pulsating in us. The animal instinct that screams at the man. The man who wants to dominate his impulses and desires. Wants to Evolve!

Jupiter and Disseminating #Moon in Sagittarius collaborate on this opening.


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We feel our power expanded. We make promises. Careful in this part! At dusk, the astral is transformed when Uranus, Moon and Saturn create antagonism.

How to be free without being rebellious and how to change following rules? Here is our eternal dilemma.

With Evolution we will be so free that we will not even remember that the rules exist, because they will be incorporated. For now, have fun outdoors and stroll, embrace trees and people, enjoy your stay at the Planet Adventure.

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