Five Reasons Your Fashion Brand might not be paying you financially

by Charlotte Smith

Five reasons your fashion brand might not be paying you financially

Every fashion brand out there has had to start from somewhere, so yours is no different.

Fashion is a part of people’s world and always will be in many years to come. While the industry will remain while we are all gone, iconic fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace to name but a few will still have their fashion accessories in places around the globe.

While many brands have not hit it big in the fashion industry is not because they don’t know their craft, but because they have failed to apply these lessons.

Failure to plan

Planning is essential to every business we know that. What you might not know is that, the fashion industry is volatile. Therefore, your plans need to be dynamic in other to adapt to the changes in the fashion environment.

When you are looking to put your fashion brand out there, you are hoping certain factors remains the same as; market trends, supplier’s prices, worker’s wages and many more.


Speak to people who are already in the business before you and learn from them. Make them your friends, even make them your mentor to understand better how your plans should work and when changes are needed.

Know your market

I will love to state that if you don’t have this all figured out, what’s the point of even setting up your fashion business in the first place?

The fashion industry is extensive that anyone can pick a particular niche and focus on it. Before looking for the most profitable niche for your brand, you must have done a feasibility study and if you want good finance for your fashion’s branding, get immediate finance just by clicking here Learn more.


  • Know your market
  • Choose a specific niche to service
  • Become a master in that niche
  • Work towards making your brand the first pot of call when such a product is needed.

No financial plan

Before heading out on this venture, you must have had different thoughts about sourcing for funds. You know that as soon as you lunch your product, you want to hit the ground running not remain stagnant.

You want to put out new designs, new custom made fitted products and much more. You need funds to do all that.

A budget is the first way to go about starting your fashion business, so it doesn’t hurt you financially. What is the amount of money you are looking to put out and how much is going to insurance, taxes and much more?

If figures are not your thing, you might need to hire an accountant to fill that void. He or she will help you keep your books in order not to miss a thing.

Find a pricing strategy

I often hear people say, put your price as low as your competition as much as you can. As a startup that might be a good strategy, but what if you had placed your price a little bit higher than your competition and your customers find out it was worth it?

Such a scenario is what every startup fashion entrepreneur should think about before entering the market. You don’t want to price your product too low, and it would be seen as inferior. You don’t also want to put them too high to chase away buyers.


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