Five Pink Pieces You Should Invest In This Spring

by Nejilka
Five Pink Pieces You Should Invest In This Spring

StyleCartel is here to save you for some last minute pink pieces you need to invest in this Spring! Let’s feel pretty in pink. Fashion is neverending. This spring let’s celebrate the attitude of a women. While everyone’s wearing oatmeal, tie dye, futuristic vibes.. You could set a statement with these pieces or even for everyday use. Whether you’re looking to stand-out on your next date or looking for a statement piece. Ranging from a basic trench to that beautiful floral summer dress. Here are some really cute wardrobe statement pieces, what you should invest in. Or just all, and make a look out of it.

Alexa Chung brings the basic English trenchcoat but much more playful and pink. The corduroy can be manipulated into a Spring or even Autumn piece. It definitely leaves a statement in this aspect. There are so many ways this trench coat can fit in your wardrobe. Hint: it’s on $ALE.

Violaaaa! Here is the most gorgeous silk floral dress I’ve seen ever. The baby pale pink can suit any skin tone. For women of ALL colour. It’s a one strap dress, it can be a day or night dress. Depending on how you style it, this is definitely a date night dress.  Also on SALE ladies.

Cowboy boots should already be in your wardrobe. Especially these pink ones from Fendi. Made out of real leather. It’s a piece you can style with pretty much anything. It’s flexible style/colour. Personally, I’d wear these with an oatmeal blazer, white slip mini dress and gold accessories and cute white or baby pink leather bag. “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what I’ll do”.

Ladies we went from wearing huge tote bags to small bags. Do you remember those times looking for your wallet or keys and never finding them? Having to empty the whole bag to find what you’re looking for? Maybe it’s time to take a step and be more minimalistic with our things. This Moschino medium bag is small enough to still fit your things without losing them. The outer design is so cute!! It has this fishnet design with leather shaped hearts. It’s big enough to fit everything but small enough to be in trend.

Last but not least, these gorgeous pair of Acne Sunglasses. These are Audrey Hepburn inspired. I love Audry Hepburn, she was so fabulous. We should all be looking fabulous as f*ck too. These are so minimalistic and statement piece. It’s time to get your Audrey on…

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