Where to Stay Fit and Spin London this Spring

by Charlotte Smith

Fitness Girl Where to Stay Fit and Spin in  London

Can we talk about the challenge to stay in the fitness girl club?   Since the move to London, I am persistent on finding places I like to go workout.  One place I continually find myself dropping in for a class not and then is one-10.  


I am a spin freak but demand a great coach and music. Luckily the one-10 studio gives me everything I need in 45 minutes. Coaches laugh at my remarks about different classes and what I like.


“ I do not want a sexy work out I want a man’s workout. “


The more I take spin classes the more knowledge I want about what the effects to the body are.   Plus what other training should I do? My stomach is going away slowly no matter what I am doing.  I guess it has something still to do with my diet. Yes, I cheat too.

So that’s when I decided to drop into  one-10 London again and sit down with a coach. Talk health and fitness, spinning and other exercises to improve my healthy fitness girl life.  I was going to meet  Concept Director Laura Brown at the studio for a catch-up and a spin class. 

Looking for motivation? Look no further as Laura’s podcast with The Inspiration Space is now live! Find out how she overcame the odds to represent TeamGB (along with some hilarious anecdotes), plus she gives her take on training, balance and why she’s so passionate about One 10!  Follow the link in her story to listen.


Laura Brown tells us about their methods used at the spin studio located at 6 Baker Street, Marylebone, London, w1u 3bl.  What I did find out was why my body stopped changing because they only exercise I was getting was from the class.  She indoctrinates in me the fact that I had to switch up my work out.  Although spinning is really good, I need to do other cardio and weight lifting exercises. 

You don’t just turn up, ride & go. You come for an unbeatable workout, you stay because you’re here with likeminded riders who motivate & inspire you.

For more go to our Instagram to see how the day unfolded. I am now off to maybe do some yoga, cardio or some exercise that won’t let me move for a week.  Because  I have been cheating with all these afternoon teas.  Stay tuned.

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