Fitness Food to Keep You in Shape

Fitness Food to Keep You in Shape

Fitness Foods To Keep You In Shape

There are no doubts; you really are what you eat! On days, you might feel like the melting ice-cream instead of the lean beet cut you aspire to be. . . Now that a new year has begun, you surely aspire to have a fit body and you might have already started eating healthy. It is true that if you are eating veggies and fruits, you are eating healthy but you’re not eating smart! If you want to get into shape the soonest possible, you better start sticking to the below nutrients!  

Beet Juice

A recent study has shown that beet juice is good for stamina. This red veggie is much more effective in boosting energy than cups of coffee. As per a research, athletes who consumed beet juice cycled 16% longer than those who seek other stamina-boasting products. The result which is achieved by beet juice cannot be replicated by consuming any other food items; even hard training doesn’t make it! To increase your performance, it is wise to gulp down fresh and organic beet juice. But if you can’t find the veggie, you can still opt for bottled beet juice. But, you better mix it with a pre-workout smoothie.


The University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory conducted a research. They found out that consuming honey before doing any exercise helps the body to have a higher endurance. This food item fuels blood sugar and insulin levels for a longer period of time. This sweetener gives a boost to endurance, speed and power. It is wiser to opt for quality and pure honey. It can be added to oats, smoothie or cornflakes…. Or you can simply lick it off a spoon.

Fitness Food to Keep You in Shape


Blueberries are often part of the long list of fruits which are good for health. But many people ignore the fact that it reduces inflammation. The Appalachian State University did a research; they fed athletes around 9 ounces of blueberries for six weeks and the results were impressive. Other than reducing inflammation, this little gem acted as a natural cell killer which made the athletes immune to many diseases. If you cannot always find fresh blueberries, you can opt for dried or frozen ones. Another place you’ll find blueberries which can please your eyes is on 7UP! Game at Regal Wins Casino. Under the ‘Hungry for Slots’ tab, you shall find other fruit themed online slots which can motivate you to add them to your gym bag!

Dark Chocolate

It is no surprise that many studies show that dark chocolate is beneficial for the health. But, lately, a study proclaimed that this type of chocolate is good as exercise protection as well. By consuming dark chocolate, sportsmen experience an increase in blood antioxidant levels and it also reduces stress. There is no harm in gulping a few squares of dark chocolate every day! You can melt or add it to fresh fruit or in oatmeal. You can even consume dark chocolate smoothies.

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