First Date Rants| Can a Girl Get a Salad Instead of a Drink

First Date Rules Can a Girl Get a Salad?

You found Styelcartel Femme Fatal Diaries because you need tips for your first date. I have some many reasons to get off dating apps! They have made it too easy for people to get a quickie during lunch. Here we will rant about first dates.  Can a girl get a salad, please?  

How many hookups have happened to you without even being invited to have a drink?  What do men think these days they don’t have to put in the work since women are overly excited to hook up?  Have we ladies ruined it for ourselves?

First Date Rants| Can a Girl Get a Salad Instead of a Drink

We all have been on about a thousand dates in the last year.  How many of your suitors have actually planned a date, that was not in their car or apartment? Have men forgotten that women actually would like to go out with you in a public place to get to know you before we hit the sheets?


Or have dating apps taken away the chase?  Do not forget ladies men like to chase, so if you give it up on the first date he is probably not going to ask you to dinner or on another date even if the sex was amazing.   Why should he buy the milk if he’s already eating the cow?

First Date Rants| Can a Girl Get a Salad Instead of a Drink

A goal for many women is to get off dating apps.  That is our next article Meeting Someone in real life. Have you just meet freaks on the apps?  We all have our horror stories and everyone knows someone who meets their love on an app.  Yet, to me, that is like knowing someone who has won the lottery. Do you know anyone that has?


I want to write an open letter to men who are dating.  Can I at least get a salad? Can we as humans go back to real dates? Some guys say they don’t to dinner just drinks on a first say.  That is such bullocks, is it because you want to make sure we are worth it.  

First Date Rants| Can a Girl Get a Salad Instead of a Drink

To the ladies, we are worth it.  He should be happy that you even said yes.  Regardless of what you think men are not getting it as much as you think.  Hold out for a salad ladies.  Good luck on your next date!  If you need to laugh about being single follow tindernightmares to help you laugh about your single life until you find prince charming.  So ladies hold out for a salad as much as he begs and even if it’s that time of the week for you!

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