Fine Jewellery Friday|20th Anniversary of Dior Joaillerie with GEM DIOR

by Charlotte Smith
Fine Jewellery Friday|20th Anniversary of Dior Joaillerie with GEM DIOR

On the heels of Haute Couture, Fashion Week in Paris is the perfect time to talk Fine Jewellery Friday. For the 20th anniversary of Dior Joaillerie, Victoire de Castellane has created the collection, Gem Dior. The biggest High Jewelry collection the House has ever unveiled.

A new chapter and a chromatic fairytale, from Christian Dior. This collection was above all conceived by the Artistic Director as a unique story of stones and colours.

20th Anniversary of Dior Joaillerie with GEM DIOR

Last month, in the heart of Venice, the House glorified, through theTiepolo Ball, the cultures and saviour-faire of France and Italy. It was in Venice and, once again, the Palazzo Labia – the splendid setting for Charles de Beistegui’slegendary“Ball of the Century”. Where Christian Dior designed the costumes alongside Salvador Dalí, in 1951. Where on June 11th thirty-eight parures from the new Gem Dior collection by Victoire de Castellane were presented.

Gem Dior in Venice: The Hallmark of Dreams

To enhance them even further, these were shown alongside nineteen exclusive creations by Maria Grazia Chiuri. It was a celebration honouring a love of art and harmony, a crowning event for Dior Joaillerie’s 20th anniversary.

Comprised of no less than ninety-nine pieces, it explores unprecedented harmonies, subtle plays of polychromy, colour gradations and monochromes. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and the remarkable precious stones of which Victoire de Castellane is so fond – spinels, tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, rubellites and garnets –in this collection evoke entwined sugar crystals.

Dior Joaillerie’s 20th anniversary

These unique, architectural and abstract jewels are illuminated by the juxtaposition of gemstones that appear to settle randomly on the skin. This raw, studied irregularity highlights all the more the extraordinary mastery of the high jewellery workshops.

Presented in this city dedicated to art, an ode to colour and light, the Gem Dior collection revealed all its radiance when paired with ballgowns by Maria Grazia Chiuri. This marvellous show at the Palazzo Labia also revealed dresses in tulle, chiffon and sunray-pleated taffeta.

The Hallmark of Dreams

The perfect embodiment of the Dior silhouette, with a slender waist contrasted by voluminous skirts, each look required up to twenty meters of fabric. Worn with matchingJ’Adiorpumps in black or“compass rose”.

A colour developed by Maria Grazia Chiuri to evoke Victoire de Castellane’s emblematic collection of the same name – these designs paired majestically with the graphic jewellery, contemporary reinterpretations of a gemstone’s purity.

Gem Dior in Venice

The House’s presence in Venice, that beautiful city that stirs all the senses, continued on Wednesday, June 12th, with a performance at the Teatro Malibran of Nuit Blanch.

A balletic tribute to the composer Philip Glass for which Maria Grazia Chiuri specially created sixteen costumes in collaboration with the ateliers of the Rome Opera.

This magical evening was followed by a dinner at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a centrepiece of Venetian culture famous for its works by Titian, Bellini and Tintoretto.

With these exceptional events taking place in the heart of the Italian city, a timeless symbol of the arts and festivity, Dior celebrates the essential force of creativity and enchantment borne these precious artistic unions. The atmosphere for the launch like the gems and jewels are a fairy tale.

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