Fashionable Fit In the City with the Best Athleisure Wear Avocado

Fashionable Fit in the City in  Athleisure Wear  by Avocado.  For the last 10 months I have challenged myself to live a healthy life and to stay Fashionable Fit in the City.

It is really hard for me because I love sweets, which is even harder because I spend my time between, Paris, London and New York.   Living in Paris is the hardest with a boulangerie on every corner.  I have a weakness for Coffee eclairs.  Sugar is my cocaine?  What’s yours?

Best Athleisure Wear for Summer Workouts!


As the months slipped away, and I started to work out atleast four times a week, the  weight took  it’s  time to slip away like butter. It took a good four months for me to really see any results and see my body change.  This is when I actually started to enjoy working out and feel good in my skin.  I also have to thank my trainer Coach Mehdi Ouchene, he was a mean has he could be, but now I understand why.  It is not until now that he has given me a break.  He has tailored made a work out for me and the results are even surprising me.

Best Athleisure Wear Avocado


Working out consistently also trained me to think, eat and dress differently.  I desired more Athleisure Wear that was functional, durable and stylish.  Athleisure Wear is very trendy and the runway’s are also tapping into this market.  We ladies still want to look cute when working out. Say goodbye to your ex-boyfriend ragged T-shirt.  I went on the hunt for some fashionable workout gear and I fell in love with the brand Avocado. Functional and fashionable, their collections transcends athleisure brands by building a lifestyle behind the brand, and making incredible workout and lifestyle gear.

Best Athleisure Wear Avocado


We worked out with a great new activewear brand, Avocado,  and I am happy to say I bought items a size smaller and now they are a perfect fit! The brand designs functional and stylish pieces for the modern, health conscious woman, and in addition to their workout gear, they also produce lifestyle pieces that are perfect for post-gym workouts as the styles can be mixed and matched with various tops and bottoms, so women have different looks for different occasions. Throw on a cute cut off sweatshirt over a tank, or pair the sweatpants with one of the hoodies, and you’re off to your next engagement. The collection also boasts a ton of styles with light and fun POP colors that are also perfect for the season!  It is incredible to see my transformation and I am very proud of myself! 

Best Athleisure Wear Avocado

The line is made in California, and Avocado just opened their first flagship store in Venice, transforming a beach bungalow into their new storefront.  I wear my Avocado garments to workout and to the club.  The mesh bomber jacket is actually a hit with the boys.  Men seem to love this jacket and are surprised to find out it’s one of my Athleisure Wear pieces.  I think I will have to hit Venice and check out the store myself once I am state side.


Best Athleisure Wear Avocado


All the items that I have in my sportswear closet from Avocado fit my new lifestyle.  I love the running shorts for the backside pocket, and the leggings have a hidden pocket too.  I love these little touches because I do not have to worry about my keys and IPhone anymore.  I do not need another gadget or fanny pack to go running. Thank you Avocado for making my Fashionably Fit life easier and making me feel good in my new skin.  The fitness and anti sugar struggle continue, but my new body is totally worth it!!  Here is to a hip and healthy lifestyle.

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Photo Credit: Rudy de Monteiro

Best Athleisure Wear Avocado

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