Fashion way behind technology

I find it very funny that fashion is so behind when it comes to Social Media and how the web works for your business. If you have not heard the news YSL has started tweeting. I think the theme song should the the New BEP’s Boom Boom….. “You so 2000 and late.”

I work for a distributed Media company and we are way ahead of the Fashion journals on line. I love fashion and when I was job hunting last year in London, one of the main questions the interviewer would ask was” what would you bring to the company or do for the company?” “My response was get you online” Their answer “Oh we are not ready for that, Facebook and Twitter is so American!”

I know many interns that would work for some of the biggest fashion companies for free and get them online. I am so disappointed with Fashions online presence. When are you people gonna get ? Well thank gosh there are companies like Glam Media, unfortunately people still don’t get it!

“YSL the Y in luxury brands recently launched accounts on Twitter and Facebook that are sadly lacking in the masterful luxury positioning and impeccable design that have made YSL one of PPR’s most stunning success stories.” a quote from media-bistro article. It will be interesting to see how fashion brands evolve their social media awareness. Hey if you need help understanding it give me a call!

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