by Nejilka

Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Isik creative directors of GmbH present their latest collection in Paris Fashion Week. Benjamin and Serhat maintain their democratic viewpoint throughout their collections. After all, this collection is sustainable fashion. Some of the specific materials used are organic cotton, wool, CFC free nylon, bio-sourced polyamide, and vegan leather. Respectively all the leather is vegan and made from apple waste or solvent-free polyurethane. Although the collection doesn’t only express interest in environmental issues; however, healing, protecting furthermore growing. GmbH used Evil Eye in some of their looks. In Latin culture, evil eye means misfortune. Meanwhile, Europe people wear evil eye in their accessories. In Arab and Greek culture, the evil eye wards off evil. Judging by selective headscarves, GmbH desires to ward off the evil continuing in society. GmbH brought out elegance furthermore edge on everyday wear. This particular collection is diverse; balanced and complex.

Favourite Looks

To the NORTH, Element of Earth I greet the Brown Seed
Throw it, spill it, spread it, let it grow. We bury you, so that we may awaken. We wish to become receptive, 

We wish to land on grounds, We are abundant.
To tend towards:
The Fullness of the Earth, The Fullness of the Earth, The Fullness of the Earth 

To the WEST, Element of Water, I greet the White Demon
Moving through the Ruin; Living in A Ruined Time, 

A vain effort to escape your expanding shadow.
I do not know what my heart wants, May darkness overtake me,
May I fall into the depths of sadness, Teach me, Demon, the secret:
The ruin self; the recovery of soul, The ruin self; the recovery of soul, The ruin self; the recovery of soul. 

To the South, Element of Fire, I greet the Lybian Sibyl,
Most ancient, most weary,
I called you forth, and then I saw: The sun burning, burning my eyes, Burning my mind, 

Sometimes one must look away, Sometimes one must close the eyes. You repeated: vision must be protected, Your vision, my vision, the visionary. (Her) vision must be protected,
(Her) vision must be protected,
(Her) vision must be protected. 

To the EAST, Element of the Air, I greet the Dog Star
Walking together, walking alone. Walking slowly, walking fast. 

Guided by you, a warrior’s cry: To be worthy of our nature,
To love the concatenation of fate, To strive for virtue alone. 

Amor fati, Amor fati, Amor fati 

Poem by Ashkan Sepahvand 

A big thanks to Ritual Projects for the photos.

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