Everybody Panic! Relieving Party Planning Stress

Everybody Panic! Relieving Party Planning Stress

Relieving Party Planning Stress

Parties are fantastic when you are a guest. There’s nothing like sipping champagne and mixing with new people while everything is served to you on a plate. As a host, it’s a little different because the success of the night depends on you. Should the band not turn up or the food is bland, then you will get the brunt of an earache. As a result, coordinating an event is a stressful business. However, panicking isn’t going to help matters, which is why you need to find ways to relieve the stress.

Here are four of the best options at your disposal.

Use Technology Wisely

There is a lot of tech on the table, but which platforms you choose is important. Don’t go and pick everything and hope it pays off in the end. Instead, think about what you are trying to achieve and who your audience is and tailor the software accordingly. For example, there is no point starting a Twitter page and sending out an email blast if the demographic is old. They prefer retro methods of marketing, which you should give to them. An online event management tool with multiple features is a no-brainer regardless. It lets everyone RSVP as well as pay for their ticket without writing down names and account numbers.

Break Down The Party

Thinking of an event as a whole is stressful because it seems like an impossible job. There are too many bases to cover and it leads hosts to hit the panic button. Writing down everything you need to do and then categorizing them eliminates the tension. Once you look at it as bite-size chunks, the job doesn’t seem as big. Also, link tasks together so there are fewer on the page. Class food and drink as “catering,” or tuning the equipment as “music.” When things get tough, you can look at your notes to give you perspective.

Treat Yourself Well


Any online masters in clinical mental health counseling course will promote the importance of health and well-being. The way you treat yourself has a marked impact on your ability to deal with stress. Drink too much and eat too much junk food and the mind will deal with the tension far less effectively. Eat brain food and workout regularly, and you’ll be able to see clearly through the fog. No matter how tricky it gets, don’t get into bad lifestyle habits because it’s a vicious cycle.

Don’t Multitask

It’s not healthy because the jobs pile up and that’s when the cortisol starts to build. Instead, do one thing at a time when you have the option. During the event, you’ll have to put out multiple fires at once. However, when you’re planning a party, there is more flexibility. To make sure you don’t spend too much time on one thing, you can set deadlines. Give yourself ten minutes or one hour to and then start a new task. The time limit should encourage you to work hard and efficiently.

Are you a stress-head? How do you keep everything on an even keel?


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