Every man can raise their testosterone levels through the following

Every man can raise their testosterone levels through the following

How to raise their testosterone levels

Do you experience a low sex drive or trouble concentrating? The decline in testosterone levels could cause such problems. Doctors reveal that the level of testosterone starts reducing once you hit 30. This is the primary sex hormone in men that makes you masculine. It is produced by the testicles and has a lot to do with your reproduction and sexuality.

Testosterone also helps you build muscle mass fast when training and also allows you to maintain proper bone density. It is what makes you grow hair around your chest and legs differentiating you from a female. It also has an impact on your red blood cells. A man has high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen while the opposite is true for ladies. Apart from age, chemical exposure to drugs can also lower the production of testosterone in men.

Environmental pollutants and foods can also have a negative impact on your testosterone levels. Low levels can also cause erectile dysfunction, memory loss, and depressed mood. Here is how you can prevent such complications and raise your testosterone levels.

Lose weight

Every man can raise their testosterone levels through the following

According to a study, overweight men have low testosterone levels. It is therefore important to try and shed those extra pounds to raise your levels. You can do this by enrolling in a fitness program and watching your diet. Eliminate high-sugar content because it can cause obesity. Try turbo-tapping technique which can prevent sugar cravings.

Stay away from processed foods and milk since it has lactose sugar which increases the resistance of insulin which is unhealthy for weight loss.  Refined carbohydrates are also not safe as they have the same effect to your insulin levels. Try consuming vegetables as well as healthy fats which reduce glucose conversion and insulin levels in the body. You should also take enough proteins to gain enough energy to support your workout for you to lose weight.

Try short intensity exercises

Combining this form of exercises with intermittent fasting can boost your testosterone levels. When you conduct intermittent fasting, you raise your satiety hormones like leptin, melanocortins, and adiponectin. These hormones encourage the production of testosterone and boost your libido.

Ensure that you take whey protein after short intensity exercises to control your hunger hormones. Whey protein also has BCAAs which raise testosterone levels and help your muscles to grow.  Start with a little warm up then exercise hard for some time as you repeat the steps. Most short intensity workouts only take 20 minutes and include equipment like a treadmill or an elliptical machine. You can even enjoy swimming as it forms part of these exercises.  Every man can raise their testosterone levels through the following

Take supplements

Increase your intake of fulvic mineral and zinc. These two are known to be testosterone boosters. You can get your zinc content from foods such as fish or supplements. Raw milk, cheese as well as kefir also contain zinc.

As you take zinc-rich foods, ensure that you do not overcook them to prevent depletion of the nutrient.  Oysters and shellfish are good sources of zinc. For the supplements, take the recommended dosage since high dosages are not healthy. For instance, too much zinc can prevent your body from absorbing other nutrients like copper. You can also try creatine monohydrate and multivitamin supplements. Vitamin B supplements also enhance the quality of your sperms.

Strength training

Apart from the exercises we mentioned earlier, you also need strength training to boost your testosterone levels. This involves increasing weight as you concentrate on squats or deadlifts. You can lift heavier weights without repeating the process for long. Slow movements cause contraction of the muscles for you to preserve and build muscle mass.

Increase your vitamin D level

Your body also requires a lot of vitamin D for the development of the sperm cell. This nutrient also improves the quality of your semen and raises your sperm count. It increases the testosterone hormones and can boost libido. The sun is a good source of vitamin D though you can also try supplements. Do not expose your skin to the sun for long since the intense UV rays can damage the skin cells.

Foods like Tuna, egg yolks and fortifies cereal also contain vitamin D. Tuna gives you healthy nutrients for your sex hormone and also prevents you from heart diseases. Take egg yolks if you don’t have high cholesterol levels.


Minimize stress

High-stress levels encourage the production of cortisol hormone which hinders the production of testosterone. Overeating when stressed can make the body store fat around their organs thus affecting your testosterone levels.

Manage stress through various techniques such as acupuncture, laughing and meditation to curb the effects of the cortisol hormone. Relaxation techniques like positive visualization and deep breathing are also healthy for your testosterone levels. As you come up with positive visual images, you allow your body to start making neurological and biochemical changes.

Get enough sleep

Apart from training and watching your diet, enough sleep is important for your health. It also impacts your testosterone levels. A study reveals that people who sleep for less than five hours a night may have deficient levels of testosterone. Though sleep hours differ in individuals, you should aim at eight hours every night. Good quality sleep translates to high testosterone levels and also improves your attention.


Consider herbs

Some herbs are also known as testosterone boosters. For instance, ashwagandha has been found to raise the sperm count and testosterone levels in men. It can also lower the cortisol hormone. Ginger is another herb which that can boost the sex hormone. Such herbs work better on infertile humans and may not be effective for people with healthy testosterone function.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle also determines your testosterone levels. Avoid exposure to chemicals like parabens and BPA which come from some plastics. Do not do drugs or alcohol since they negatively affect your levels. Be careful with recreational medicines and always consult a doctor to know if they can affect your testosterone levels.

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