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There is a sense of optimism and dynamics to Sarah Swann, a British designer based in New York. Colorful palettes and streamlined silhouettes fit the young and free spirits. The brand background may sound a little bit complicated. But in fact, it also has a nuance of  working in HongKong. Different shades of the societies leave traces on the brand aesthetics, which allow Sarah Swann to touch customers across continents.

In designer’s words, Swann girls love life, live in the moment. Put on an oversized hoodie and stride into a rainy day in a pleated sleeve dress. Everything in the life, of the city inspires her. Swann girls want to wear in her personalities. Statement pieces don’t lose glamour in an utilitarian manner. Printed blouses, pinstripe trousers, detachable fur and reversible coat. From the collections, we can see that Sarah Swann’s intention to outwear modern women who fly through occasions with allure.

2017 Fall/Winter Collection

The lookbook of the latest collection of Sarah Swann was shot in deep hues. Instead of heaviness, model moved around freely to her mood. Maybe in her mind, she was sitting in the city lights of NYC. Or maybe she was walking along the Victorian Bay in Hongkong and breathing the taste of sea. Or maybe she was enjoying her hair being blown by the London wind.

Luxurious fabrics are used throughout the collection. Shearling, silk, metallic textured, leather. The eclectic way to match elements and put pieces together is very British. But how comes the general picture of the brand is playfully accented. Yes, the Asian fashion power kicks in. Last but not least, the modern and feminine women Swann are trying to build has an American confident aura from head to toe.

The designer mentioned ‘a casual attitude’ when talking about the brand style. It didn’t come out as surprise since the pursuit of effortless silhouettes has been on the cards. Tints of bold colors sing along with materials that can look lumbersome. Silk is shown with pleats and jacquard. A little ‘gestures’ to elevate the mood. Sarah Swann is trying to introduce a stylish yet comfortable wardrobe to those who are not dictated by trend.

The balance between formal and casual juxtapose easy-to-wear textiles in a natural way. Sarah Swann latest collection plays with different concepts, including lightness and sumptuous. Abstract prints, straight tube silhouette, structured pants. Every look is thoughtfully polished. The brand has been setting out not far. But it certainly has a fairly enchanting and feminine style.

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