Ellery SS18 Couture and FW18 Chapter 1 Collection Masculine Edge

Ellery SS18 Couture and FW18 Chapter 1 Collection

Ellery SS18 Couture

Inspired by a curator and her personal collection, ELLERY takes their first steps into the world of Couture, approaching the traditional art form with the cerebral woman in mind.  The collection appeals to women to cover it up.  Hemlines are longer and ball gowns and cocktail dresses have a masculine cut.

“I want to make clothing for a woman who dresses for herself – not for anyone else. This a celebration of a new ELLERY woman and as a woman myself I want nothing more than to create clothing from a female point of view.” – Kym Ellery

The collection embraces the brand’s signature and amplifies it.   Volumes of volume, illustrious and inventive fabrications, and the ever-present connection between the masculine and feminine. Artisanal craftsmanship, embroidery, and embellishment are applied unexpectedly with ironic aplomb. Graphic oyster embroidery personifies abundance, whilst capes are subtly quilted with linear portraits.

Delicate webbed lace with dense graphic beading is draped across sharp tailoring, softening the silhouette. Man-style tailoring boasts strong shoulders and sculptural forward-facing sleeves whilst open cuffed cigarette pants frame the foot. Sculptural draping twists and turns as it follows the female form.  The color palette for the collection is warming to all skin tones.  The casting portrays the Ellery SS18 Couture women.

Drop-waisted gowns gently swing, challenging the traditional expectations of eveningwear and ‘La piece de resistance’ – a twisted faux cul skirt constructed with forty meters of French silk twill and 120 artisanal hours.

The jewelry pieces capture the essence of the collector’s collection; vases plucked from her mantelpiece, female-forms, sculpted in abstract dispositions whilst gold, silver and amber combine in artistic harmony.

The shoe collection continues to evolve, square-toed boots and slingback court shoes feature heels made from marble and tortoiseshell resin. Leathers are creamy in autumnal shades and highlights of fluffy tweed feature throughout.


The collection is for the new generation of influencers who have important events to attend.  With modern cuts for today’s women.  Pieces she will want to recyle in years to come.

‘To collect and be cherished’ is an ongoing sentiment that runs through the brand. This new chapter strikes a balance between both the brand’s history and it’s future – one that will continue to endeavor to empower women of excellence.


Photos: Ellery

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