From Work to Workout in Elektrix Love Like A Punk Rocker

From Work to Workout

Our company 7 week challenge to be eat healthy and exercise is almost over.  Yes, we have cheated a bit, but the results are still out weighing the cookies in Elektrix Love Like A Punk Rocker.  How do we know? This bodysuit has taken us  to work, to workout looking good in the super sexy Elektrix Love bodysuits.  We even went clubbing in the Punk Rocker hooded bodysuit.

From Work to Workout in Elektrix Love

With each day in my life it’s a challenge. Dressing for meetings and looking professional only works if you work out in the morning or after work.  

That is why a bodysuit for me is a key piece to my wardrobe.  They can turn an ordinary outfit is to a coquettish look.

 That is like a superhero gear ready for your evening workout or drinks with your work mates.  

 Just take off your blazer, and  Bam you ready to sweat and look good doing it.

Elektrix Love Like A Punk Rocker

From Work to Workout in Elektrix Love

We are all #yogapunks “Punk rock is very rebellious, of course, but it means thinking for yourself” – Dexter Holland

As a stylist the Elektrix Love bodysuit is always in the bag to throw on a model. The collection is trendy and follows the punk trend one of our favorites of the moment.   The brand was established in 2015, the activewear line is for the modern, edgy woman. The Los Angeles–based brand is a far stretch from traditional lines with designs created for the rebellious, free spirited girl who thrives on adventure.

The pieces and one of a kind prints not only mirror her rebellious spirit but also blend functionality, fit, and street chic into a finely curated collection of activewear. Designer & Founder Katie Tomasetta wanted to express herself through design and bridge the gap between contemporary yoga apparel and rock & roll. She wanted to add her rebellious bad girl personality to inspire others to be who they are and not conform to society’s norms.Punk Rock Inspired Activewear. Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. Made in Los Angeles.

Photos: Soben Giordan Photography

Photo Editing: Julie AGBESSI


Models: Miki Claudé

Art Direction: Sofi Penton

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