ELC Happyland Bouncy Bus

STYLE CARTEL MOM – ELC Happyland Bouncy Bus

Our little testers recently had a chance to discover Early Learning Centre Happyland Bouncy Bus. Suitable for up to two children, this bright inflatable bus is perfect for active play and with fun, bus graphics will inspire pretend play too! It kept our little testers entertained for a couple of hours, which meant extra “me time” for mommies.

elc bouncy bus

Ok but on top of pleasure for mums, bouncy bus is a fantastic way for outdoor fun, including jumping, bouncing and role playing. It helps to develop kids imagination and is great for active play. See how high your little ones can bounce, look out through the windows to see their friends and family watch them bounce and jump up to the front of the bus and pretend to be the bus driver ‘ding, ding – off we go!” What’s not to love?

elc bouncy bus

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