Eid Oufit Ideas| Wrap it Up in a Kimono This Summer

Eid Oufit Ideas

As a muslim fashionista dressing for Eid, is always a good excuse to take it up a notch.  I love to play around with pieces from different cultures to show my personal style.  I am not perfect, but I try to dress as modest as I can and still look trendy.

Eid Outfit Ideas


Wrap it Up in a Kimono This Summer

I am obsessed with Kimono’s.  I love to wear something simple underneath, or something to get BAE’s heart pumping.  Kimono’s are the most coveted garments in my wardrobe.  I love a designer pieces to a vintage piece.

Gucci yellow coat
€16.995 –

Valentino trench coat
€4.615 –

Gucci summer kimono
€19.630 –
Here are a few of my favorites I found while shopping online for this Eid’s outfit.  A Kimono it the right length can take you to Mosque and back, keeping in line with a modest fashionista’s daily routine.  Then when Ramadan is officially over you will hit the streets on trend.  Funny thing I found when wearing a Kimono, the average guy really digs it.

Jean Paul Gaultier wrap skirt
€675 –

Andrea Marques clothing
€715 –

River Island clothing
€98 –

F R S For Restless Sleepers silk robe
€555 –

River Island clothing
€63 –

Bride robe
€62 –


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