Editor’s Pick: Spring Sandals

Editor’s Pick: Spring Sandals

by Nejilka

New York has been pouring cats and dogs lately. I cannot bare the rain anymore. Rain rain go away please come back never. Normally, over the summer I still wear boots. Don’t ask me how. I just maintain the humidity and sweaty feet. Icky! I absolutely love sandals however I hate my toes. This summer’s time for those lovely toes to breathe. Looking for cute sandals, then look no further! This summer I will be making investment pieces. Do you invest in sandals or do you buy budget ones wear them out and throw them out by fall?

Editor’s Pick:

Arket sandals lately have been on the top of my list. These are super cute, casual also by the looks of it comfortable.

Just wow, Self-Portrait. They have outdone themselves with these cute low heels. These are made for those like myself who are likewise on the edgy side of fashion or those who are daring.

New Look has been stepping their shoe game up. They’ve grown better and more affordable than Zara. These are ideal sandals for any occasion. I particularly love the snakeskin detail. Besides, they’re a whopping 6 pounds.

Ladies, kitten heels are back also they’re not going anywhere. These glitter Tabitha Simmons are so cute and ladylike. You can pair them up with a dress, skirt, and even a pair of jeans. They totally make the outfit scream, I’m the classy queen.

Another great heeled sandal by none the other Arket. I’ve been looking for square toe sandals. A few years back, I became obsessed with square toe shoes. The majority of my shoes are square-toed. I believe the square toe gives such elegance to every outfit. These are great enough to wear with anything. I’d go to the pool with these and my bathing suit on. Talk about class.

If you’re seeking to add color to your wardrobe then look no further. These beauts are another fabulous statement by New Look. These pointy toe shoes can be worn with anything, especially white.

The classic shoe of elegance is the pointy toe slingbacks. We didn’t forget about slingbacks. I predict they’re going to make a huge comeback. Get them while they’re not trendy.

L.K Bennett mules are so cute. These, in particular, remind me a little of Manolo Blahnik in their own colorful way. Isn’t it great, to have color in your wardrobe? I’d like to brighten up everyone’s wardrobe if I could. I can definitely see myself wearing them on the 4th of July.

Last but not least these cute Chanel Mules. These bring me back to Sex and The City days. Carrie would surely buy these over eating dinner. I mean, who wouldn’t? “Having a pair of designer shoes feed me more.” These are a truly reasonable price. I adore the details on these mules.

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