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Although GRETA BOLDINI was founded in 2011, with merely 6 years, the Rome based brand has developed into a unique personality and an increasingly mature operation system. It is trying to define a new concept of couture which allows women to wear them easily on daily basis. But of course with Italian sartorial tradition. The highest quality fabrics are realized in a refreshingly innovative way with a made-in-Italy experimental spirit.

GRETA BOLDINI portrays an aura of unconventional mystery. Although generally pieces were designed with intentional clarity to define women’s daily wear, its contemporary interpretation of medieval admiration, showing the popular Italian affection towards their past glamour, is presented differently each season. It intrigues fans like us towards each collection. Its devoid of virtuosity is another core of aesthetic vision towards elegance. All the emotions are unveiled but meticulously dosed with sensuality. It can be a poem. It can be a study of beauty. It can be many things as long as they are audacious and uncommon.

2018 Spring/Summer Collection ‘Whispers’

The ss2018 collection jumps on a cozy yet changing fantasy. In this dreamland, somewhere in the middle of a cornfield, a cluster of red dancing in the light of sunset. Oh, Basilicata. A natural serenity full of mirth. In a hot summer, who can refuse a ride to an open countryside? Clearly, designer was inspired by the allure of Rome’s labyrinth streets and decadent beauty. The implicit slothful air in Italian refined glamour is everywhere in the collection. From poplin cotton shirts to the plain weave. From light nylon to ever-present embroideries. From little robes to lace blouses. A sense of purity gifts the collection with youthfulness.

Quietness meets levity; tradition sings with contemporary skills; transparency plays with color blocks. Practical outwears are beautifully made. Against sudden summer downpours, evening dresses can be protected with nylon raincoats and egg-shell coated wood buttons embellish austere cotton jackets. And the stylish party dresses can adapt to daytime occasions too. Designer is shaping a wardrobe both practical and romantic.

Without doubt, this season collection is natural tinted with Baroque. There are many contrasts and contradictions in the collection. Natural patterns challenges solemnity of red. The powerful black comes in with light ivory. We love to see how emerging designers are trying to experiment a new Italian contemporary style with distinctive taste and always with Italian glamour. The glorious past shapes the basic identity, the innovative modern spirit guides the future of the brand. What makes GRETA BOLDINI extra special is the lightness of the garments supported by artisanal tradition.

Image Credits: GRETA BOLDINI Instagram

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