East Harlem Goes Pink With New Addition from Karim Rashid

by Charlotte Smith

East Harlem Goes Pink with  Karim Rashid

If you ever have been to East Harlem or live close by, then you know it is a colorful New York City neighborhood.   The flamboyant, designer Karim Rashid has left his stamp on this upscale hood.  In my eyes, he has given it a little Parisienne Art de Vivre. 


Karim Rashid wanted to liven up the zone with a touch of magenta in his latest project, the HAP Investment’s  tower in New York’s East Harlem 329 Pleasant Avenue. The project is an 8-story, 20-unit residential building whose modular, geometric facade features pops of  Nicki Minaj Black Friday Pink.   Now Harlemites and tourist have a reason to get off their phones and look up, at the building against a blue sky,  as the structure takes on a kind of Op Art vibe.  Looking at the skyline in New York City just got rosier.

East Harlem Goes Pink With New Addition from Karim Rashid

“We used the balcony as a design feature to generate dynamic play and variety along the façade,” explains Rashid. The balconies also feature glass railings which serve to refract the sunlight, casting rose-colored rays on the spaces within. “By offsetting the balconies from each other, we are left with a strong, angular geometry,” the designer says. “This pattern allows light and shade to play through the form and converts the enclosure into a soft, permeable trellis.

It might look a little awkward between the brownstones, but it is very futuristic looking. In addition to these enviable outdoor spaces, the building, which is set just feet from the East River Plaza, boasts a roof garden with sweeping views of Manhattan. So if you are looking for a place stop by, 329 Pleasant Street while you can.  Or just have a stroll by and look at this new piece of art deco.  Harlem gets a touch of Paris style in the neighborhood. 

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