Dupe | Juicy Shaker by Lancôme

by Sabah Mansour

I know I am late to the game, but I want to talk to you about the Juicy Shaker Lip Oil by Lancôme. Hoping for a miracle for my dry lips (I still am), I bought it and I honestly have been a little disappointed. the product itself is good, it does moisturize the lips but only for an hour or so. You have to constantly reapply it in order to have the moisture you need. After buying and trying this, I decided to give a shot to an other lip oil, but this time affordable. I went to Kiko to buy nail polish remover when I saw it. The packaging caught my eye with the gold design, and I instantly bought it.

Now, where am I going with this ? My goal was not in any way to find the perfect dupe for the Lancôme one. But being a beauty junkie, I soon made the conclusion that the Kiko Milano Lip Oil Heatwave IS the dupe for the Juicy Shaker by Lancôme.

I am honestly bumped that I spent so much money on the Lancôme lip product, when the Kiko one was just as good. I wish someone had told me. That’s why I am telling you this, to save your money. Because let’s face it, sometimes we buy the name of a product, not the product itself. It happened with an other product by Lancôme that I will review next week for you.

Lancôme VS Kiko

I bought the Juicy Shaker in the shade Freedom of Peach, but unlike what people say, there is no tint to it. this is just plain lip oil to me. The Kiko Milano one is called Heatwave in the shade 01 Coconut (amazing smell). One thing is sure, I will not re-purchase the Juicy Shaker, but I will definitely buy the Heatwave.


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