Drugstore Finds – Burt’s Bees Sheet Masks For On The Go

by Candace Lachon

Drugstore Finds – Burt’s Bees Sheet Masks For On-The-Go

Traveling by plane can be fun. But when you’re on-the-go, and 30,000 feet in the air, it can take a serious toll on your face. Airplane air is drier than the crease between your index finger and thumb that lotion never seems to reach. You might as well be in the desert. Between the lack of humidity on the plane and the tiny AC vent that’s never positioned right, your skin is DRY.

What can you do?

Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE. Not to be confused with moisturizing. When the skin is dry, it lacks water, so products containing ingredients like glycerin and aloe can help hydrate the skin. Moisturizing helps to lock in the water. And when you’re traveling, or on-the-go, a good hydrating sheet mask will be your best friend.

Where to find?

Sheet masks are everywhere. You can find a decent one in pretty much any drugstore, not to mention they’re affordable — and no need to pay more than $5, unless you’re feeling fancy *pinkies in the air*. My only gripe with sheet masks is the wait time. Let’s be honest, with the 10-step K-beauty routine taking over for the 99’s and the 2000’s, what traveler wants to wait an extra 20-minutes for a sheet mask to do its thing?

My skin never seems to act right in front of company, so I try and listen to the SOS signals it throws at me every now and again while traveling. I have combination/oily skin, and my go-to has been Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask

It removes dirt, impurities, and grime from the surface of the skin. Wait time? Only 2-minutes. My face felt super smooth after the first use — I even noticed tighter pores. Any bumps I had didn’t completely disappear, but they tightened up. The ingredient list consisted of hydrating ingredients like glycerin, and honey extract — I was also impressed to see Sodium PCA in there, which is known for its powerful moisturizing properties.

The Purifying Sheet Maskis supposed to be great for gently cleansing and moisturizing the skin. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the smell, but afterward, my face felt clean, and I liked how it paired with the rest of my skincare routine.

The longest wait time out of the three masks is the Hydration Sheet Mask.

It’s only 5-minutes, but in comparison to 20-minutes after a long day of traveling, I’ll take it. The star ingredient is Clary Sage, a plant extract known to promote healthy-hydrated skin. My only gripe was the mask kept slipping and interfering with my wine time. Yes, wine time while masking is a thing. Other than that, my face felt supple and hydrated.

So whether you’re traveling, or on-the-go, these sheet masks are perfect for when you don’t want to neglect your skin completely. Leave your fancy 20-minute masks at home the next time you hop on a plane, and grab a $3, 2-minute Burt’s Bees sheet mask from the drugstore. Again, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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