Dressing To Compliment Your Man

After Men’s Fashion Week, I think it’s safe to say that men’s fashion is on the rise. We usually think of fashion being directed towards woman, but with celebrities having more and more of an influence on fashion and culture, they combine all worlds. But what does this have to do with curvy style? Well ladies, if you have a man who has an interest in fashion (aren’t you lucky), than sometimes your sense of style may clash with his. So how do you dress to compliment your man? Using some of the basics in my previously written wardrobe basics for curvy women, I have used Polyvore to put together some outfits.   All mens pictures were taken from the streets of Men’s Fashion Week SS17.


1- Velvet Florals

We can all see that the jacket this man is wearing is truly spectacular. He keeps it classy, yet stylish and very street style inspired by adding the button up shirt, black trousers, loafers, and sunglasses. So how do you dress to add to your man without taking away his “juice”? For this look I decided to go with the pajama trend. This fresh out of bed sexy look will give off a sultry vibe, yet because the pieces are so plain and muted, you won’t take away from your BF. My favourite part is the accent boots, that really bring the colour palette of this outfit together, and help you match with his amazing jacket.


2- Jean On Jean

The jean on jean trend has no doubt been one of the biggest comebacks, and continues to be on the rise. Although this outfit is quite simple, I decided to take a more street fashion forward approach to the women’s outfit. Although this outfit is such a stand out, I think it’s a good flashy compliment to the minimalist look. The Gucci printed jeans are so on trend, and they can really showcase your curves. If you can’t afford the pants, you can always use any other pair of embroidered jeans, which shouldn’t be hard to find. I paired this with a red crop top to accent the embroidering on the jeans, a distressed denim jacket, and fur scarf on top to bring the whole look together. Red simple heels were added to elongate the legs, and this Moschino bag adds the perfect fun element.


3- Street Grunge

Street Style Men’s Fall 2016

This look is very street style focused, with a almost “sloppy” look, although because of the fit, styling, and layering it works to give off a soft grunge look. To go with this look, I have paired the amazing new come back of Juicy Couture Sweats for Vetements. This high waisted sweats will go with his laid back look, while keeping you comfy, and showing off those curves. The bodysuit is a great add to keep your waist looking teeny, and a cropped black bomber over the shoulders would add the perfect touch. Perspex heels were added to be on trend, with a mini Fendi fur backpack.


4- Minimal Chic

The outfit he is wearing is so minimal, yet the small accents and gorgeous coat makes it incredibly chic. The best accent for this look would be to follow his minimal trend. I paired these gorgeous Wool Culottes, with a cropped white turtleneck. The culottes will keep your silhouette even, while the tight crop top will accentuate your bust and waist. Throw a duster jacket on top, with a pop of colour in the New Balance sneakers. This is one of my favourite looks because it’s so simple, yet put together it says so much.

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