Dirk Bikkembergs Rock Star Athletes SPRING/SUMMER 2017

Dirk Bikkembergs Rock Star Athletes

There is nothing better than mixing Fashion and Football for a mens collection. The design team by  behind the brand  Dirk Bikkembergs, watched a lot of football and what both types of footballer might want to wear off and on the court.  With matching outfits for  those hot baby daddy’s.

The show it self was something to watch.  The house was preparing for the of Lee Wood, who was confirmed as the brand’s creative director.  We agree with W magazine that Dirk Bikkembergs is in need of a guiding hand.


Men’s Wear Monday

The label’s design team sent out a floral prints, heavy chains and hybrid silhouettes.  The non Kidult fashion heads might not have understood the collection, but it was tailored for the new client of men’s wear buyer.

Dirk Bikkembergs Rock Star Athletes SPRING/SUMMER 2017
Dirk Bikkembergs Rock Star Athletes SPRING/SUMMER 2017

Dirk Bikkembergs Rock Star Athletes SPRING/SUMMER 2017

Weather hanging out with friends or riding the train the Dirk Bikkembergs guys is flashy and fit.  I actually can see rappers like Rae Sremmurd wearing a few pieces in the sequel to Black Beatles.


The collection was loaded with heavy golden chains dangling from the waist of glossy skinny pants; in one instance, a pair of shiny leather hot shorts, hugging the model’s buttocks, was matched with a wildly printed shirt against a fuchsia background, while the graphic patterns ornamenting the brand’s signature tight-fitted biker leather jackets  with an ode to David Bowie.

The collection did try to hit too many markets at once.  From the sporty guy, to the boxer footballer, surfer, rock star rapper. The clue was the inclusion of  baggy Bermuda flower suit with matching  fitted blazer  in a textured royal  blue fabric or fushia pink.  There are also speedo’s for the boys with bodies like  Cristiano Ronaldo.

Overall the collection stayed on the trend of the sellable sportswear vibe with a black track-pant turned tuxedo trouser with matching jacket.  With bits for women as well, also on the sporty vibe with track style pant jumpsuits.  It might not been the best collection for Milan Men’s fashion week, but boy was it nice to watch the hard bodies come down the runway.

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