Diesel: The more hate you wear, the less you care

by Shawna Montout

Today, Diesel released a new collection called « Haute Couture ». The limited edition delivers a message that this society of criticism needs to hear. 

Diesel took negative comments that were made about their collections and add them to the new one. The brand was created in 1978, the seventies and the year we are living in are two different environments. What was trendy then is not what’s cool now. A lot of people «  Diesel is dead »  and «  Diesel is not cool anymore » were the comments that we could hear about the brand. But they used negativity and turned it into something positive. «  Haute Couture »  was made to disempower hate.

With this new collection, diesel is delivering a real message. This is something that everyone needs to hear, especially in this day and age where social media is everything. Most of us spend their days on Instagram. Haters will always have something to say no matter what you do. So this campaign is a middle finger to those who criticize and hate.

Diesel’s ambassadors

The brand ambassadors such as: Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, Bria Vinaite, Tommy Dorfman, Miles Heizer, Yovanna Ventura, Barbie Ferreira, Yoo Ah-In and Jonathan Bellini  did the same and chose one of the criticisms that they have received in the past or they still receive to this day, by owning something that people say to hurt them and make them weak it makes them powerful.  Now, it’s kind of a strength.

Nicki Minaj was really a good ambassador for this campaign. Lately, we heard several things about her, a lot of critics were made. A lot of haters commented. But this didn’t stop her she is coming stronger than ever ready to face whoever has something to say and this is what we like to see we like to see people who stand up even though they could give up. So no matter what people don’t ever give up do what you like and fuck what they think.



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