DIESEL Deflowers Covent Garden…

by Mee Jong

As an MA student at LCF…

I’ve got an incredible opportunity to compete in a collaboration project with DIESEL. It was an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to share with Style Cartel reader.

Diesel allows five groups of students to compete to create a marketing campaign first to promote the brand to the right target audience and second, to drive footfall to the Covent Garden store. The winning team’s idea is implemented in Diesel store for the month of August-September.

DieselDieselDIESEL Deflowers Covent Garden…DieselDieselDiesel

Our team was the one with the most diverse. We came from different courses and different region of the world, and I think that’s why we work so well together. It’s not just about being different, but it’s all about accepting the differences and lowering your guard towards different opinions.

Let’s talk about our ideas. The theme we called was “DieselDeflowers” which mean Diesel deflowering Covent Garden. This area used to be a hub for two very different industry: flower market and sex trade. The whole story of this project derived from the famous flowers girls in Covent Garden, inspired by the book ‘Harris’s list of Covent Garden Ladies’. It is a list of seducers who work around the area in the 17th century. We translated the story into the three-floor store.

Starting from the top floor, a lady is working in a flower market (which is now a Diesel denim market). It’ bright and shine like a young lady with hopes for love. The ground floor is where she meets her lovers. Initially, we wanted to transform the floor into a scene of London street with coffee shops. We wanted to collaborate with a well-known coffee shop in Covent Garden and build a buzz about it, something like catching QR codes around Covent Garden and get a free coffee. It’s similar to catching Pokémon, but we thought about it before it was popular. HAHAHA. The underground floor tells her secret stories with her lovers. It’s a love nest or heaven for lovers. The idea was that as you go lower, you get more naked.



Presentation day with hand painted Flower Boob design, which was made and given out by Diesel on the launch event!


Yay! Goody bag with the T-Shirt we designed (and drew!)

In conversation with the rest of the team, here are our chit chat exclusively for Style Cartel.

Mee: What was the funniest moment during the project planning?
Maxime: We have had so many! I would say dancing at BHS looking for the white t-shirts, trying new types of ‘junk’ food, buying food in Sainsbury in preparations for our long night of work, … The whoprocess has been really fun’

Griselda: Every time we realised how much we ate/talked about food. You would have thought it was part of our project!

Eshaan: The funniest moment would definitely have to be the late night delirious meetings we had which would always be fuelled by a bag (or 5 bags) or crisps.

Irene: We got excited for two last minute themes that we had a day before the first round presentation. (As part of the project we needed to propose three themes. We had the flower idea first and loved it. But then we spent the whole day to come up with two more themes. At the end, it turned put we loved all of them all and couldn’t decide which one to pick.)

For me, I would say how Maxime randomly slept on the floor in one of our very last meetings. It was a lunch break, and I remembered he said he need to have a 30-minute afternoon nap and next second he was on the floor. I thought he was kidding.
Mee: Are there any memorable moment together?
Maxime: Eating crisps and talking about food, and the final presentation in June. There was so much good adrenaline, and I liked doing it with all of you so much because the vibes between us were amazing that I will remember that moment for a long time.

Griselda: Of course travelling to Italy together! So many great moments happened (Too many to count!) on that trip that it;s just the best to explain it as one big event.

Eshaan: There are too many to pick one, but overall I would have to say the final presentation. I think after all the hard work we had put in, we really shined on that day.

Irene: Trip to Italy of course!

I think our final presentation to Diesel was memorable. I was ver nervous that I couldn’t hear the thunder. LOL. The whole room was laughing because our sound effect as part of our presentation and I had no idea why everyone was laughing. A team member from another group said my facial expression was hilarious. And yes, of course our free trip to Italy.


Mee: What was your very first thought about this project?
Maxime: My first thought was: ‘it is the industry so it won’t be interesting for me’. I was wrong.’

Griselda: What if we actually win?

Eshaan: I was very excited about working with other creative students to gain a perspective on their ideas especially because I am focusing my research on experiences within retail. It was an exciting way to understand others ideas and opinions of something that I was very interested in.

Irene: It’s risky but very exciting.
I was actually hesitated to sign up for the project because it was really competitive and I want to do it so badly that I was afraid that I would be disappointed. Then I thought, what’s a chance to winning if we don’t apply? I saw Griselda there and I worked with her once and I loved it. So I approached her and 7 months later we were travelling to Italy together. Awesome isn’t it?

Mee: What have you gain or lost doing this project?
Maxime: I have lost my love for academia. Lol. But it was already fading away anyway. This project has just reinforced it. I have gain new skills and the assurance that I want to do my own projects and that I want to actually do and create things that have a positive impact.

Griselda: I haven’t lost anything….maybe sleep, but that’s okay. I’ve gained so much experience, great friends, great memories and a great amount of weight from all our eating 😉

Eshaan: I have gained four new friends and collaborators for the future!

Irene: Lost neurones for the lack of sleep and gained dark circles under my eyes (for the same reason). Just Kidding! I definitely gained a great experience both professionally and personally!
I definitely gain four good friends who, honestly speaking, you wouldn’t expect to have at MA level. I also gain weight from all the chips and late night meals have during our meeting. Well, I lost 2 kg from the trip to Italy so that’s a break even for me. LOL.


Winning team: Eshaan Dhingra from Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Griselda Ibarra from Strategic Fashion Marketing, Irene Rodriguez from Fashion Media Production, Laksamee Jong from Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Maxime Laprade from Fashion Curation.


Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong


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