Diego Villalba DEMI-COUTURE SS19

by Charlotte Smith
Diego Villalba

Designer to Watch: Diego Villalba

Diego Villalba the Creative Director for VILLALBA spoke with Style Cartel about the collection and his innermost thoughts.  We picked up on the designer via the internet. I personally am a big fan of Couture, Punk Rock and denim. So when I saw the DEMI-COUTURE SS 19 collection I wanted to know more.



VILLALBA has a new identity of Couture House ALFREDO VILLALBA, founded in 1976. A renewed brand image is launched with its newly labelled collection which brings together tradition, avant-guarde and stylistic influences from the 8os, a decade of reference for VILLALBA and for fashion designer Diego Villalba.

The sewing collection VILLALBA Spring-Summer 2019 is a reflection of a fashionable urban manifesto celebrating diversity and tolerance. It is combining the tradition of couture and avant-garde creativity. The styles reflecting the codes of the 70s combined with a strong punk identity are the commitment of designer Diego Villalba.  


Diego Villalba

Clean, elongated silhouettes and custom patterns accentuate the size. Large shoulders, midi or long dresses, overlays of clothing and sports.   ~Pants are available in a palette where black, shiny or matte, is associated with metallic silver shades and with orange, turquoise and white. Silk, Georgette crepe, lamé, crepe, patent leather, wire mesh, gabardine and cotton, sum up a rich choice of fabrics, pleated, draped and often decorated with 3D metallic floral motifs.

 Inside the Avant-Guarde DEMI-COUTURE mind of Diego Villalba

SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

Diego Villalba: I was in my father’s fashion atelier, playing with the fabric rolls with my brother. We were always around, waiting for my father to stop working and we used to spend all of our time playing with fabrics, bothering the workers with our questions and just being surrounded by fashion. I was born in it!

SC:  How did you discover making clothes?

Diego Villalba: I have grown up with clothes being created all around me: I remember chatting with my father’s dressmakers, patternmakers, the cutters, the seamstresses…They taught me a lot at a very young age. I was very curious (still am!) and I asked them questions about everything, how they made the patterns, sewn the pieces together, putting my hands on everything they did.

SC: What has been your favourite career moment so far?…

Diego Villalba Spanish Fashion Designer DEMI-COUTURE SS 19Diego Villalba: Definitely when I decided to continue the family business my father had created. It was only happiness and pleasure, I was so oblivious to the obligations of a fashion brand: to me, it was only about imagining and making fashion – it was only after that I discovered the business end of it.

SC: What is your signature design?…

Diego Villalba: I would say that I make designs inspired by the punk movement: strong creations with a message. But there is also a feminine touch incorporated and many metal ornaments. That’s Villalba today.

SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?…


Diego Villalba: Personally, I do not have any social media…I must be one of the last!

SC:  Who is your dream high street store to collaborate with?

Diego Villalba: First it was a dream, now it’s a reality…I really wanted to collaborate with Montaigne Market, the legendary store in Paris. And now I do, Villalba is sold there: for me, it’s really a dream come true.

Diego Villalba Spanish Fashion Designer DEMI-COUTURE SS 19
SC: What is your must-have on the road beauty for tech product?

Diego Villalba: As you can probably guess from my lack of interest in social media, I’m not a “tech person”. I am much more sensitive to fabrics that I am to technology.

SC: What are you up to when you’re not designing?

Diego Villalba: I love to spend time with my family, that’s the most important thing in the world. Apart from that, I’m also a big sports fan: I love watching games on TV, mostly basketball and soccer (I am a huge Real Madrid supporter!), but I also play golf and do paddle every chance I get.


 I’m a fan of 80’s rock, and will always be: INXS, Depeche Mode, The Smiths…Rock on!

SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Diego Villalba: In a perfect world…I’ll be retired and living la vida loca ! I would love to spend more time with m family, and even with myself: I am so focused on fashion right now, always thinking of the next collection, the next store, the next presentation, the next idea…Fashion is and will always be a huge part of my life, hopefully, in five years I will have managed to balance fashion and family a bit more.

SC: What designer house do you look up to?

Diego Villalba: I don’t have a fashion hero per se, but there are many amazing designers in the industry right now, with very different visions and ideas and that is something I really love. We have to keep fashion interesting and that takes a lot of people, not just one!

Diego Villalba Spanish Fashion Designer  living la vida loca !

SC:  What would you change about the fashion game?

Diego Villalba: If it was all up to me, I would say the timing of the collections. With global warming, the seasons are changing and so should the fashion calendar: it used to be normal but now it is a bit strange to see stores filled with coats and scarves when the sun is out and it is 30 degrees outside. Same during the summer collection, everybody has the flu, it’s cold outside and the stores are selling swimsuits and t-shirts. Fashion can be a bit absurd sometimes. 

SC: What are you listening to right now?

Diego Villalba: I’m a fan of 80’s rock, and will always be: INXS, Depeche Mode, The Smiths…Rock on!

SC:  If one buyer would pick up your line who would you wish it to be? What boutique would you love to be in right now?

Diego Villalba: That would be Dover Street Market, in London. The store is such a huge reference in the industry, they really changed the game I think. I would love to collaborate with them.

SC: What advice would you give emerging designers like yourself?

Diego Villalba: Very simply put: work hard, and be patient! Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither was Chanel J

SC: What are you most grateful for?

Diego Villalba: Wow, that’s a hard question: I am grateful for a lot of things, really. Professionally, I had the chance to grow up in a very special environment, a mix of fashion and family. It made me who I am and I’m thankful for the perspective it gave me. Personally, I’m thankful for having such a wonderful family – my kids are healthy, awesome and full of energy so I am really blessed.

SC: Fashion model or influencer for your next campaign? Who are they?

Diego Villalba: I’ll go with a fashion model. I don’t know who yet, but she will have a contemporary attitude, not a diva. The most important thing is that she will get what fashion is all about.

Diego Villalba

We would like to thank Diego Villalba for giving us the opportunity to learn more about what his plans are for the brand.  We love how you are turning the brand around and we look forward to watching you develop even more.  Stay Punk 80s.

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