Diary of a not so perfect mummy

by Gosia Krajewski


Is it possible to be a full-time mummy and have a successful career? Style Cartel Parenting Editor investigates.

So you’ve been building your professional position for a good few years after leaving uni dreaming of becoming CEO, or at least senior at your company. You have a successful career. You are happy and fulfilled and everything is under control. And then next chapter of your life brings you a brand new tiny tiny baby. Little miracle. And suddenly nothing else matters, just being with your bundle of joy. You are totally in love. But those first couple of blurry months fade away very quickly, and your toddler starts exploring your beauty cabinet in no time, when you are on a deadline and trying to finish off the article. You are a freelancer trying to juggle baby on one side and career on the other. You feel proud and happy but also tired….and somehow you feel guilty.

Guilty, because your perfect plan suddenly doesn’t seem so perfect. You wanted to be a perfect mom, who always has time for a cuddle and story time, makes the best pancakes, and desserts of course, prepares healthy and nutritious meals, throws the best kids parties, works professionally meeting all the deadlines, and all that while looking like a super model. And what happened instead? Most of the days there are tons of washing,  while you try to feed your baby and wipe off the rest of the carrot puree from the wall. Your editor keeps ringing chasing you for the article, that you had almost done, when those tiny fingers press something and the day worth of work is gone. You wipe off your tears with slightly greasy hair hiding from the world. You feel like a failure.

I bet most of mum’s out there had similar visions of their motherhood. We can handle anything right? Yes, that’s true. Women are capable of doing spectacular things and while juggling their lives and families. But there are two rules to follow to make sure you stay sane.

The first one is – Word “perfect” in mummy’s life just doesn’t exist. So stop trying too hard, and just be yourself. Easy to say, I know but it is so important to remember that, and to stop punishing yourself if you can’t be bothered to cook, or clean or tidy up your house. Just order take away, lie on the sofa. And do you know what…it is also ok!

The second rule says – Ask for help! We all love our independence and showing the word that we can do everything ourselves. That’s true, we probably could handle everything and then instead of enjoying a glass of wine in the evening , we are too exhausted, and just fall asleep. So if your friends or even mother in law offers to take kids out to the park, go for it. And while they are out, relax and try to enjoy the moment. Don’t think of all the things that you have to do. Life doesn’t end if you didn’t iron all of your bedding. Mummy is not a multifunctional robot (although sometimes really feel like one), so don’t pretend that you are one and you don’t need a break. You do. And finding that balance is a key to maintain healthy life. Good luck!

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