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When we think of Moscow, cold and distant concepts may spring into mind: post-industrilization, nuclear weapon, bitter coldness. These evidently haven’t revealed the whole truth, but still given hints to have a glimpse of Russian society and environment. Inspired by land-artistry installation contra posing nature and city, two brother designers Petr and Yury Polyakov imbed  their aesthetic vision in their brand Paul & Yakov.

New Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Collection

The art masterpieces of Nils-Udo and Andy Goldsworthy bring back inner creative abilities in the childhood of building compositions with natural materials like stones, leaves. The color palette and its unexpected but revoking spirit inspired the latest Paul & Yakov collection.

Muted colors resembling the season are dominant. Among late autumn grass, moss and fading foliage, sudden neon and bright colors give special electric vibe. The brand signature military elements and meticulous selection of materials are marked on the outerwear including jackets with an open armhole, greatcoats with massive pockets. It makes up clean silhouettes with extra hard accent.

Paul & Yakov distinctive ability of technology-meet-fashion requires a closer look to their details. Cargo pants made of dense wool, raw Japanese stonewashed cotton parkas, structured blue coat, jacquard knitwear. Their pursuit of high quality production with outstanding materials is experimental and inspiring. We are attracted by double faced cashmere yarns and metallic insertion. They are beautiful in an unconventional way.

The Moscow brand embraces the changes undergoing in the city and explores the question of self-identification. Such social puzzle somehow shapes the basis of brand philosophy. Paul & Yakov is trying to create a unique Moscow style to the appetite of  worldwide fashion lovers. Understanding the macro environment helps us define their different style. It differs itself from Italian glamour, French chic, or American excitement. From our opinion, Paul & Yakov presents Moscow style with cool military air.

Photo credits: Paul & Yakov press office

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