Designers To Watch | A Message We Need ‘SHOHEI’

Designers To Watch | A Message We Need ‘SHOHEI’

by Olivia Deng

In the Paris Tranoi trade show, we discovered SHOHEI, an Austria-based brand conjugating minimalism style with sporty urban spirit. What particularly drew our attention was its wearable and functional silhouette designed in edgy way. Their statement looks are built effortlessly by many desirable details. For example,  the transparent top trimmed with dark hue to stress on the line of body; ruffled movable piece which can be placed on the breast or waist to add extra accent…… SHOHEI, the brand name, was extracted from one of the founder’s name, Shohei Yamamoto. The another fashion maker also as the creative director and CEO is Lisa Pek. In Japanese, ‘Shohei’ means ‘world peace’. They team up and use materials not only from Austria but also EU and Japan to deliver their aesthetic vision to the world.

Autumn/Winter 2017 collection ‘Brave New World’

It starts from the famous fiction ‘brave new world’ of Aldous Houxley. The ‘new world’ under Aldous’s imagination was the production of a terrible trade of  giving up individuality and freedom to gain prosperity. This overly collective economy and society described in the book evoked designers’ stronger desire, from the bottom of heart, to have self consciousness. The color palette of the latest collection smoothes the spirit but at the same time, excites your inner desire to express your attitude to the world. Earthly red and digital green are the major statement colors. Instead of firing red, this hue sparkles with more dynamic and adaptability. In other words, it heightens overall look but doesn’t still the spotlight. Green, as the predicted popular color in 2017, links naturally to nature. However, digital green speaks in utilitarian and playful language. Brand DNA on its master of modern technology and design extends in this aw2017 collection. With a heart for environment, organic and natural fabrics like wool, corn-fiber-textile, mercerized cotton are fused, which is always  highlighted by designers. In order to create dynamic looks with strength, authentic sports-wear-fabrics with the latest generation of sustainable Italian Alcantara are featured. SHOHEI left a fresh but full of passion impression on us. Two founders from different cultural backgrounds to work together somehow explains the deeper meaning of the brand name. In the world with emerging conflicts, unity across races and regions is the real practical way to stay strong and fight against odds. PEACE. Image Credits: SHOHEI press office

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